Thursday, May 25, 2017

Touring the National Parks

We spent a day in Moab, Utah. It took 4.5 hours from Park City to get there. We went to Canyonlands Park and spent a few hours just enjoying the sights.

We spent the night in Moab at a sweet little old-fashioned motel. The next day we toured the Arches National Park.

 I took two brief hikes---1/4 mile and 1/3 mile. The guys did harder ones---steeper and through sand.

The story behind this natural phenomenon is really interesting. All this was caused by wind, sand and water over the course of billions of years. I've never really been in to science, but I can appreciate things like this.

Then came the long ride back to Park City. Of course, when you gab the whole way, it goes by pretty fast.

Yesterday, the guys went trout fishing. The weather was perfect for them and they caught plenty of fish. We girls stayed behind. Chris stitched. I didn't bring mine because I didn't think it was worth it for just one day. Instead, I spent the day reading and catching up on blogs.

Today we're heading in to Salt Lake City to do some genealogical research on the Eads side. Then we'll see the Mormon Tabernacle choir.

I just found out this morning---Butch has surprised me with reservations for high tea this afternoon! I'm so excited! I'm a tea snob---preferring loose tea to bags. He always manages to find a place for me when we travel. I love that he is so considerate. Also, he's stopped by Starbucks several times for me. Considering he doesn't like Starbucks, that means a lot to me!

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  1. Beautiful photos...I can imagine how it looks to actually be there.
    Just wondering, did you get your journaling on those layouts of yours ;)


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