Thursday, May 11, 2017

She's 21!!!

On Wednesday, Morgan turned 21. That's two down 3 to go!!
 Here she is as a newborn. She was a good little girl from the start!
 She was the cutest baby.
 We don't really know what's going on here.

Here she is as a nurse in training. One more year to go---well, for her first degree.

We met at Stephanie's for a toast and pictures. Then we went to dinner in the new "hip" Edgehill area. It just blows me away at how busy places are around here in the middle of the week.
 We went to Bella Napoli---an Italian restaurant. It was the first time for all 10 of us. I loved the atmosphere. I felt like I was in Italy sitting outside in a narrow alleyway.
Jordan is finished with school. She came home for the "event" even though she has to turn around and go back to Knoxville for her graduation on Saturday. Andrew graduated in December and is working at his "adult" job now---he interned at an electrical contracting firm. He's an electrical engineer so they hired him. He was even able to get his own apartment. You hear about "kids" coming back home after graduation. Jordan will move in to her new apartment in July right before she starts graduate school.
 Here is the birthday girl again! We pulled up and they were all decked out. Butch and I were a bit panicked at first because we hadn't gotten the memo to "dress up!" They just wanted to.
 Mindy and Justin met us at the restaurant. Discussion ensued as to who would join them for the upcoming New Kids on the Block concert. Steph and Mindy paid a fortune for fabulous seats. Steph has to be out-of-town for business. She's so disappointed. Anyway, Jordan and Andrew are going in her and Nicky's place. I think Nicky feels like he's dodged a bullet! Justin is totally on board---he liked the boy bands of the 1990's!  I wanted to go, but Butch didn't. He always gets his way (I say sarcastically!).
 Nicky and Stephanie enjoying the dinner.

And they have live music! It was so much fun. I can't wait to take friends soon.Although, if we don't go soon, it might be too hot.

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