Friday, May 19, 2017

The Powder Room

 Here are the befores.
 The floor was a white marble with brown. The counter tops were a salman colored marble.
We gutted the room taking out everything---down to the bare walls and sub flooring. Of course, one thing leads to another. We had to have new sub-flooring.

 The "after"...............................
The tile floor is going to drive me insane. Believe it or not, it shows every little thing. Some of it is the imperfections which causes me to constantly pick at it. 
 I actually like my old mirror better, but I had already bought this one and Butch likes it. It's staying.
 I'm not planning to "junk up" the shelf, but a little greenery doesn't hurt.
I knew I wanted to add the wainscoting for interest. The paint color is exactly what it's been for 22 years. I call it grey poupon. I'm a big believer of changing colors when you paint. But I have never grown tired of this. Now---even more than ever before, it goes perfectly with the new sink and floor. I have this same color in the family room.
And then, one thing leads to another. The sink had an unfinished looking base. It was actually meant to be placed in to a piece of furniture. I didn't find anything that I really liked for that. Christy said we could just paint it. Steve said "no, you can't paint stainless steel." Then, the sink was too heavy, so a frame had to be constructed to support it. Once that was finished, Steve trimmed out the sink by making a wood box. He painted it and I love it! The guy is amazing. He can do anything.---sort of like Butch when he puts his mind to it!
And then there's this. So, we paid the big bucks for the pretty plumbing, but the top is not pretty. Something has been ordered to fix it.

So there you have it. We couldn't be happier. But I have to say, this project has made me re-think what I plan to do in the kitchen next year. You'll just have to wait and see.

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  1. It's glamorous but cosy at the same time and that's not easy to achieve. I'm not surprised that you are delighted!


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