Wednesday, May 17, 2017

It's All in the Details!

I picked up the artwork yesterday, so I'm about ready to unveil the renovation. But first, I'm going to share some of the details!

Let me start by saying the I've always dreamed of building a house and picking out every last detail---hinges, doorknobs, vents---just everything. Since that never happened, I've always done the next best thing. Whenever re-doing anything, I took it down and started over. That's exactly what we did on this project. In fact, it took 2 men a full week to do the demolition---down to the joists under the house. I was worried that "critters" might get in, but that didn't happen. But it's the fun details that I really enjoyed.
 I hadn't really thought of changing out the powder room door knob. Butch suggested it. I was all over it!
I've gotten quite a few compliments from the workers around here---and Christy too! She loved it.
The ceiling fixture in the master bath was pretty inexpensive. It was a close double to the matching fixture to my "fancy" chandelier. That ceiling light was ridiculously expensive, so I was very happy for this one.
 I had no idea that the light had so many "loose" crystals. I actually like cleaning things like this.
 It even came with a pair of gloves to put it together with. I gave them to Steve---he sort of looked at me like I was crazy. I'm pretty sure he didn't use them. Most likely, those crystals are full of his fingerprints. Luckily, since our ceilings are 10 ft. tall, no one will ever see.
Another seemingly insignificant detail. The ceiling lighting throughout the house has black "baffles." I never gave it a thought, but Butch was all over it. Of course I would want white.
 He got on a roll and replaced them all over. I'll always choose white. I just love the clean, crispness of it.
I opted for "pretty" plumbing. I didn't even know that was a "thing." Still, I'm so happy that Christy suggested it as I love it. It makes sense---if you are going to see it, why not make it pretty?
 I really had fun picking out all of the fixtures.
 Something as simple as this drain was fun to pick out too.
 I've always like fancy vents.
 I liked the old-fashioned look of the faucets.
 The fancy chandelier is sort of wasted in the bathroom. I'll be moving it to the dining room and getting something cheaper here in a year or two.
And then there is our heated tile floors. The was a fun splurge. I love stepping on warmth. The marble tile we had before was really cold, so this is a nice change. One problem---even the shower floor is heated. But, since there is no air-conditioning vent in that area, it gets sort of like a sauna in there. I think I'll turn the floors way down in the summer.
This little control gadget is for our new tub. I'm not quite sure what you call it since it's not a jacuzzi. There are little air vents surrounding the tub. You get the feel of a jacuzzi, but there's no place for water to sit and get all yucky. This is the controller. Also, the back of the tub is heated. I haven't quite figured this out yet.
When we picked out the marble tile, I liked that there were so many separate pieces. I think it adds a lot of interest.
I really like the fancy drain in the new sink. It's hand-made, mother of pearl inlaid. I don't really know what mother of pearl is. Maybe it's sea shells. (Wow, that was a pretty good guess. I just looked it up and it's "the inner layer of some mollusks like oysters).
 The faucet and handles are polished nickel and Swarovski crystal.
 I had to get the matching "flusher."
The toilet is not new---well, it was new about a year ago. I had no idea that it was decorative. Without the vanity, you can actually see it now.
I ordered a new silk chain cover from Horchow. They have so many colors. This one has a zipper, so it was easy to put up. Well, I didn't really ask Butch, I'm just guessing.
 I am not a lover of towel bars and rings.
I'm okay with hooks.

Well that's about it for the details. As you can tell, I like sparkly things.

Tomorrow---the long view!

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