Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Memos, Mail and Me!

Well, I was at the beach this past week with my sisters. We had a great time! What's not to love about being with 6 sisters! Even sleeping on the loveseat could not put a damper on my enjoyment. But I do have to admit, I did enjoy sleeping in my bed when I got home!!

As far as mail goes, I came home to this:
 There wasn't anything terribly interesting---just junk and bills. If you want some really good mail news, hop on over to Sian's and see what the other Mondayers have to report!
 I never dreamed I'd be coming home to this in May in Nashville! We're in the midst of a little cold snap. We broke a record on Saturday---the lowest "high" in 100 years. It got chilly at the beach too. We ended up staying in on Friday. Hopefully we'll start warming up now. Cool weather definitely is a setback for pooltime. We're planning our first pool party and barbecue this coming Sunday for Mother's Day. As long as it's sunny, we can pull it off!
This is another thing I came home to. After about 8 months of being moth free---this! I guess my plan to put new traps out each month until they are empty for a solid year is going to have to stand. I'm telling you, this has been a nightmare! On the other hand, the first day we arrived at a the beach, my sister, Jennifer got a call that her newly finished basement had a foot of water. Everything is ruined. That's St. Louis for you! It's times like this that makes me realize that I don't miss a basement at all!


  1. Gah! Moths! It said in the paper here at the weekend that the number of moths about has doubled here in the last five years. That's far far too many for any knitter. I'm glad you had a nice time at the beach. Six sisters! I'm trying to imagine another five just like the one I have ..that would be a lot of talking :)

  2. Oh no, they're back? I always hate going through the mail on the return home - it's never as exciting as one would hope. But I'd get over it after a week at the beach too - glad you had a good time.

  3. I'd have loved one sister so six of you sounds such a luxury to me! Glad you enjoyed your time at the beach despite the chill. I had no idea moths were such a problem ... hoping it warms up for your celebration.


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