Tuesday, May 2, 2017

This is How we do it!

You know, when you are young and money is an issue, you do a lot of things out of necessity. Then when you become a bit more successful, you get to the point where you "hire it done." When we moved to Nashville 32 years ago, there were several things we used to do ourselves that we let go:
painting, wallpapering and yard work. We mostly argued while wallpapering. We both hated painting. And I hated that Butch would have to spend his whole weekend doing yard work. After he was traveling all week for business we cherished our weekends for family time. We were thrilled to be able to pay to have those things done for us.

Then when your kids become adults, everything changes again. All of a sudden, you are doing all of the things for them that you pay to have done for yourself. Just because you want to help them out. That lead to this:
It has probably been at least 35 years since we last recovered chairs. Stephanie wanted to update her dining room chairs. The plaid just seemed old and tired.
 We got right to work. We had no problem remembering exactly what needed to be done.
 I will say, the job required the purchase of a new staple gun. Something wrong with that picture---the project costs US money! Another mystery---our old staple gun had disappeared.
 We were really happy with how they turned out.

It's hard to tell but there's a bit of grey too. They are perfect.

On the other hand, we still don't like to paint. When it comes to that, we've been know to hire our own painter to do a job for the kids! We'd rather spend the money than do it ourselves!

We have had so much fun decorating Nicky and Steph's house---the reward after the hard work of the move. Their house is beautiful. I'll share pictures soon.

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  1. You've put this perfectly. Already I can see how TNSSO is persuading her Dad into doing house stuff for her. We have always painted our rental houses ourselves but we have just paid someone to do one for us and..it was so quick and nicely done I might hang up my overalls.


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