Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Music City Marathon

Mindy and Justin decided to run the Music City Marathon this year---or I should say half marathon. They started training months ago. Plans were made. Justin's parents came in town. I was leaving town for the beach. I got dropped off at the airport extra early so Butch could meet Stephanie and Nicky. They staked out their spot along the race trail---just a block from the new house. They were well stocked with bloody Mary's. They waited about an hour and then this:
 That's Nicky holding his hand out to high five Mindy.

 A good motto to live by!

After the race---they still look pretty fresh to me!

I think it's great that they did this. Mindy has run the Music City Marathon once before. This is the first time they've done one together. Apparently, it's a lot of pressure. The day before the race, you have to go down and register. You have to go in person---no one can go for you. Makes it kind of hard if you work!!

Then, during the training process, Mindy's hip started to hurt. She was going to be really upset if she couldn't race. She went to a chiropractor (not really a doctor) and they fixed her up with that black "thingy." The night before the race at happy hour, she said it felt better. I haven't talked to her to find out if she was still in pain because, well, after all, I AM at the beach!!

I'd say there's another marathon of sorts going on down here:

This the prettiest drink! Janice got it, so when I saw it, I had to order one for myself.
 A whole lot of this..........

 With a little of this thrown in!
We couldn't believe this!!! 4 aces with 7 people playing. I don't think I've EVER seen this. Unfortunately for Janice, we were playing "Count the Reds" so she ended up losing. There's just something wrong with that!!! I'm going to make a new rule. Anytime someone gets 4 of a kind naturally, everyone in the game has to give them a dollar.
Then a little later, 4----10's in "7 card stud"! If I've never seen 4 aces in a poker game, I've certainly never seen 2 sets of 4 of a kind without wild cards!! I'm sure I will never see it again! Way to go Sharon!!! I'm so glad I waited to establish that rule the next day!

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  1. I can't, as we say round here "run the length of myself" so I admire anyone who can do this.


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