Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Few Things

 I came home from the beach to find this. Butch had taken the Easter flowers and salvaged the remaining few blooms. I just love flowers. What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do! I might love him more than the flowers!
 And of course, those poinsettia blooms are still going strong since November 10th. The best bang for the buck!
I was not happy to come home to this! Still fighting those darn moths. I think they are living off the plants in the sunroom. They are not going to get the best of me!
 Hmmm. Seems like someone else around here might have a bit of a multiples problem!
 I went in search of Margarita and found her outside blowing leaves off the driveway. What part of housekeeping does that fall under? Another bang for the buck!
 Talk about the bang for the buck---New Dawn roses have been going strong since I planted them in 1996@
 I paired them with jackmani clematis for a real bang! I love how they poke through the roses. I should have planted a couple more!
 The hellebores (lenten rose) are still in bloom. They seem a little late this year.
 Everything in the garden is looking good.
 My white garden is looking a little sparse, but it will all fill  in.
 So I found this on the floor. I have no idea what it is. I thought it might be a part of a toy or something since Evie and Josie were here last Friday. Jackie says "no." Another mystery.
 While i was gone, Butch purchased some new patio cushions. He done good!
But this is what happens when you try to have happy hour on the back patio. He can't sit still---there's always so much to do there. We do better on the front porch!
 Morgan asked for a succulent planter for her birthday. I hope she likes it with the little bicycle
Succulents are pricey, so there's no bang for the buck here. They are so hard to plant due to their shallow root system. Hopefully they'll take hold quickly.

I'm  about ready to share the renovation. I've been holding off until I get my pictures back from the framer. Soon...


  1. He did a fine job with the flowers. I always hand mine over to my better half because he used to help the ladies in church decorate when he was a little boy and he knows a lot more about arranging flowers than I do!

  2. Your garden is looking lovely; hoping your succulents do just as well.


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