Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Mail, Memos and Me

Well, my mail mostly consists of junk. There is the occasional bill and TONS of travel brochures! Those travel brochures are very nice. They must cost companies a fortune---only to have them wind up in the recycle bin. We travel a lot, but we don't use those brochures and don't look at them.

Then there was this:
 The book for my prescription drug insurance. Oh My Gosh!!
Seriously! This thing is a half inch thick. I would like to know who reads this? Not only is this a waste of a good tree, it's a waste of time. Surely Humana could come up with a more concise way to get us the information we need. I've put this in Butch's pile to read. It's too much of a snoozer for me! I'll bet if they did away with this, our insurance rates would go waaaayyyy down! What an archaic way to convey information.
Now on to the fun stuff that arrived this week. I've gotten new rugs for the new bathroom. I'm going with all white this time. I can't wait to show you the color I've picked out for the walls---(well, I've actually had it picked out for over a year). These rugs are really thick and fluffy. I hope they don't get matted down. We'll see.
Along with the rugs, my new fluffy, white towels have arrived. Remember my stockpile issues? Well, I'm getting rid of most of those since they are 20+ years old. I'll now have exactly 4 new towels. Maybe I'll keep a couple of the old ones. 
After all, I'll need a few to put on my new ladder towel rack. This is not my bathroom---just a picture of the ladder I bought. I would have preferred to have a really old ladder, but I wouldn't know where to buy one. I did get one at the flea market years ago for Mindy's condo, but she didn't want it. Butch got rid of it as it was too rickety to use as a real ladder. Luckily, I only paid $5.00 for it. This one was a bit more, but it's going to look really good against that new paint color!
Finally, this is the new ceiling fixture for the toilet/shower area of the bathroom. I opened the box and there are so many parts that I closed it back! I don't know if I'm supposed to put it together of if the guy installing it will. Of course, I'll want to clean it. 

So there's my mail report for the week. Thanks to Sian from High in the Sky for this fun meme!

Did you get anything fun or interesting in the mail this week?


  1. I used to laugh when my mum said things like "I've had these towels since I got married"..but now I'm saying the same thing and what that really means is I need some new ones too. Yours look extra luxurious and that's the extra push I need to get to the shops.

    Wishing you a great week ahead. Hope that new drug does the trick.

  2. So many FUN and beautiful things coming in for your remodeling! That rug looks so soft and fluffy - do let us know if it stays that way.

  3. Oooo, all that glittery glass and white bath towels. How luxurious your room will be. I like the ladder rack, in fact, I've been spying a set of shelves with that same concept - only in black.


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