Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Memos, Mail and Me

Thanks to Sian for this meme. It's a good one!
I got this photo from Mindy via text---still, it's mail to me! They went to a Nelly concert and got the VIP tickets so they could meet him. Justin said he flubbed the "bro" hug! Nelly went in for the hug while Justin stuck his hand out. Then Justin went in for the hug just as Nelly pulled back and stuck out his hand! Oh well, maybe next time!
I was off for a very long weekend scrapbooking with my sisters. We arrived on Wednesday and stayed until Sunday. Here's the stack of mail I came home to. I haven't opened the Cocoa Daisy box yet. It's always a fun surprise, so I wait until I can really take my time and examine every bit!
This "mail" is more like special delivery. Farm fresh eggs from my sister brought to me from Salem, MO. They are so beautiful to look at that I'm going to keep them on the counter---they can last for 3 months there. Don't worry, they'll be gone long before that. We eat a lot of eggs.
While I was away, the tile for the bathroom was delivered. OMGosh---the boxes are a little smaller than a shoe box and I cannot lift a single one---they are so heavy!
I got this printer to take on my scrapbook weekend, but it didn't arrive in time. Still I got it on sale for half price---$54.00. Printers are pretty cheap now. It's the ink that will get you. Luckily, the black cartridge is just $12.99. I do not plan to replace the color cartridges---ever! This printer will only get used a few times a year, so the color ink will dry up pretty quickly. We just won't be printing in color. 

And then, there's this. I've been waiting for the new door knob and escutcheon. I just love those. Actually, I prefer old ones, but couldn't find one I liked. Plus if you get an antique one, you have to worry about the hardware concerns. Maybe it's not a big deal, but it's out of my range of knowledge.
Oh, and I got a new E-book from the library! I'm really saving some serious bucks already. Looking at it that way, my new printer was FREE!

What about you? Did you get anything fun in the mail this week?


  1. Now doesn't this look like a good mail week. I had to nod at the thought of a text being mail because I think it is too, especially when a photo arrives at the same time. You got a good story with that one too. Made me laugh!

    Wishing you a good week ahead. Of cours, with a pizza box to open, it's bound to be good..

  2. we ended up getting a new printer with ink recently, it's ridiculous. Looks like you have some fun mail and I loved the photo and story.

  3. Loving the hardware, can't wait to see the tile. I am as bad as a nosy neighbor, aren't I? I just love seeing how others decorate.


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