Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Farm Crop

By the time you see this, I'll be out at the farm scrapbooking. I usually teach a new technique. This time, I had already done this one with Jeanne and Janet a few weeks ago.
 The technique is simply layering washi tape on top of any desired shape.  This is Janet's.
 Here's mine. We also added ribbons and paper strips for added interest. I used mine on a layout. I'll share that when I get the other pictures I need to finish it.
This is Jeanne's. It doesn't matter what color combination you use. They all turn out cute!

All you have to do is cut your desired shape---a star would be nice too. You could use a flower, butterfly or Christmas tree. Start layering from the bottom and go up. Since each strip builds on top of the other, you have no waste. So when you get to the top of the heart, you just do each side separately.

I'll be sure to take pictures of the ones made at the farm.

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