Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Building Boom

With 86 people a day moving in to Nashville, the city is booming. We've been labeled the "hottest city to move to in 2017." We're also considered the best place for jobs. There is construction and road improvements going on everywhere. Between 2010 and 2020, we'll have had the largest growth our city has ever seen. A lot of the locals are not happy about it. They feel that all this growth is changing the face of our city. Personally, aside from the traffic, I am all for it. I like knowing that we are progressing and have become the "it" city.

Nashville is the number ONE destination for bachelorette parties. You can tell that by all of the pedal taverns downtown. While strolling the streets you might feel like you are in New York or Chicago with all of the pedestrian traffic. I'm proud that our streets are so clean---although you might run in to a bit of horse manure from the carriages.

Several years ago, when the rest of the country suffered from the burst of the housing bubble--we were not affected as adversely. Our housing market has remained pretty strong. In fact, housing prices are out of sight. The average home in Nashville is $260,000. I'm not quite sure  how they arrive at that figure, but you would be surprised at what $260,000 buys (or I should say, doesn't buy). Just about all of the Nashville area is being revamped. Small houses are being torn down with much larger houses taking their place. Often times, 2 or 3 homes are crammed on to one lot. Don't get me wrong. The houses are very nice. You just have to be willing to give up a yard. And some privacy. That was kind of a deal breaker for us. We wanted something new(er), but we just couldn't find anything we loved. That's why we've decided to stay put and renovate. Still, I guess it's good for the city.

A 2500 sq. ft. home runs about $675,000. Yes, $675,000! It's actually kind of depressing. I'm not really sure how first time homeowners do it. This figure must be for certain areas of town---I didn't catch that part in the report. Perhaps this is the Belle Meade area. On second thought, that can't be right because a lot in Belle Meade can cost over a million. This figure could be an average for this side of town.

Living downtown is the most expensive of all. Real estate is going for $800 a square foot. I'm not sure I believe that as Mindy lives downtown. She sold her one bedroom condo last spring and made an absolute killing! She and Justin bought a two bedroom in the same building. Yes, they paid a lot more, but were still able to bank some serious cash. Still, it did not add up to $800 a square foot. Maybe the report I heard was referring to businesses. There are so many cropping up downtown. 

There are at least 27 cranes on the skyline---maybe more. 

I think all of this is pretty exciting. I believe everything that I've stated above to be true. After all, I took notes during a news report. And we all know that whatever the news reports is the TRUTH sohelpmegod!


  1. This is really interesting. I never think of Nashville as having a highrise skyline!

  2. $675,000 - $275/sq ft. -- ouch. Average upper middle class homes (2000 - 4000 sq. ft. in a subdivision) around here are still in the $100 - $150/sq. ft. range. Trendy costs more - much more!

  3. I really loved Nashville, but at those prices I couldn't afford to live there! Wow.


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