Friday, December 30, 2016

When Twins Use to be a Fun Surprise...

...and How They Surprise Each Other---or Maybe Not!

Now-a-days, with all the medical intervention taking place it's not that unusual to have twins. But back when we were kids, it was a BIG deal to have twins---especially identical ones! Ours are no exception. But here's the deal---they surprise each other! Or maybe it's not a surprise after all.

I've posted about my twin sisters before---a long time ago (2012). Here are a few younger shots of my sisters---just to show how identical they really are. (Bear with me, there's a story to come.)

Although they do not dress alike anymore, or wear their hair the same, they still look a lot alike. But it's the fact that they think exactly alike that's amazing to us.
 Janice gave Jennifer her Christmas present. When she opened it, she said, "Omgosh! This is exactly what I got you!" The rest of us are like---"NO way!"
This is Jennifer's gift to Janice. They both got Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds and Passion perfume. Even just getting each other perfume would have been enough of a coincidence---bet the exact same brand and variety? Creepy! Turns out, last year, they both got each other animal calendars. And then, last night at the poker table, they each got out the exact same amount of money.

This has been happening ever since they were born. They even had cavities in the same teeth! We love the surprises and think it's pretty cool. Maybe Janice and Jennifer feel differently with not really being able to surprise each other.

Still, you have to admit, it's darn entertaining!


  1. Oh that is entertaining. My sister's twins are not identical and are starting to develop such different personalities.

  2. It certainly is! I've read all kinds of interesting things about identical twins which defy current scientific understandings. Those pictures of them are lovely!


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