Sunday, December 4, 2016

It's the Simple Things

Have I ever told you about my Christmas closet? Well, it was one of my favorite things about this house when we were looking at it 21 years ago.
 Dig that mauve--1980's carpet!
 Pillows hauled up to make way for the Christmas ones.
It's really the closet where all seasonal decor is stored. But, it's mostly Christmas. It's a far cry from the pull-down attic space we had before. I love having it, but, you know, just like kids, you are never satisfied. You have something awesome but then want more. My thoughts these days: "there's still ALL that hauling up and down the stairs"---and---"if only I could just slide the tree fully decorated in to the closet." And don't think I haven't been figuring out ways to get it up there! Really, there are none. I do have the card table closet (yes, there is such a thing) in the downstairs hallway that might work? Hmm, I'll have to think about that. This Christmas decorating thing is getting to be a chore. There are certain things I like to do and others I'd rather not. I guess we all feel like that.
I didn't even get these wreaths down this year. Still, I'm fortunate and grateful for this closet. It's a simple thing.
I actually enjoy washing up the Christmas stuff in preparation for the holidays. It gets me in the mood. I look forward to champagne in pretty flutes. Those glasses in front were a gift from Connie about 25 years ago. They have been my favorite. Sadly, this year, I discovered that one of them had a crack. And then there were seven. A simple thing.
 This is one of my favorite decorations. Stephanie made it for me quite a few years ago.
 It's hard to see since I didn't do a close-up, but there are tiny pictures on it besides the little ornaments. It's a simple thing.
That same year, Sandy made me this photo tray. I have never actually used it as a tray. It stays here year-round as a permanent decor piece. A simple thing.
 Ornaments in an old muffin tin---a simple thing.
 Ornaments in an old jar--a simple thing.
 A giant spice tin and a half stick of butter---simple things.
 A little tree nestled in more ornaments in another old pan---a simple thing.
 Glass Christmas candies in a little dish---a simple thing.
 Our family button tree project from a few years ago---a simple thing.
Purchased mantle scarf with branches from the magnolia trees in the yard--a simple thing.
Having my tea in front of the fireplace--the simplest thing of all.

What are the simple things that make you happy?


  1. Well, all those simple things are adding up to quite a festive decor. I am a little envious of your Christmas closet - I used to have "Christmas" cabinets when we first moved into this house, but then that became my craft room. So you know I traded up in that case. A clean house always makes happy, and since we've been doing a little pre-decorating cleaning - I'm pretty blissful today.

  2. A Christmas closet! What a wonderful thing! I'm imagining you now sitting in there, dressed as Mrs Claus, surrounded by twinkling lights and small visitors..

    Tea in front of the fire works for me too

  3. What a lovely list of simple things! We enjoy Christmas decorating, despite hauling all those boxes up & down the attic stairs, although we've had simple years where we just pull out the basics. It's so FUN to change it up from year to year. Hope your December is off to a fabulous start!


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