Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Comfort and Joy

That's what my Christmas was about this year. All of my gifts brought me either comfort or joy!

Stephanie made the comment that it's not appropriate to put a list of your gifts online. Still, this is my space, so I'm going to do it!

new robe and slippers
Vera Bradley throw
tea wreath (made by Mindy) along with a pair of socks that say (on the bottom)---"if you can read this, bring me some tea!"
little man tea holder that hangs on the side of your cup
Earl Grey hand soap and lotion
Starbucks Oklahoma mug for my collection
Starbucks cup and gift card
Kate Spade scarf
Russell Stovers chocolates
Tiny chocolate chip cookies that everyone loved
Kindle---this brings me both comfort and joy---comfort because I'm always comfortable when I read!
This book for the same reason. We did something different this year. Stephanie got everyone to participate in a "secret santa" exchange. It was all generated online, so no one knew who each of us had. The limit was $15.00 and the gift had to begin with the first letter of the name you drew. Carter had me---hence, "B"arb---"B"ook. It was a lot of fun and will become a new tradition. (I got Butch and did Blue Moon Beer and Bush's Best Baked Barbecue Beans.)

Porcelain village scene
Organizational containers for the pantry (this also brings me comfort)
DVD "War Dogs" (I would have put this under comfort, but when Mitchell gives me a movie, you can bet it's action packed and not necessarily relaxing to watch!)
Little post it notes and matching pen

It also brought me joy that Mindy and Justin had matching Mickey pajamas with those hippopotamus tees:
He's a good sport! I remember a few years ago, when Sandy and her family all had matching pajamas. Greg seemed to be a bit embarrassed about it, but he indulged her too! He drew the line at a family photo to be their Christmas card. Next year, it's Stephanie and Nicky's turn! I do love my son-in-laws---they bring me much joy!

This wasn't my gift, but it certainly gives Butch joy each year:
Maker's Mark always sends some cute decoration for their bottles to their ambassadors. This year, it was the mistletoe. So cute.

The biggest joy of all was being with the family---starting with Sandy and family the weekend before  Christmas and the rest of the gang on Christmas weekend. That's really what it's all about. I do wish I'd taken more pictures---this is the extent of them this year!

I decided to post this before the renovation pictures because, starting yesterday, I will not be experiencing any comfort or joy in this house for the next 3 months!

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  1. Sounds like lost of great gifts to bring comfort & joy!


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