Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Christmas Table 2016

Continuing on with Christmas today. I did update my post from yesterday to include the pictures of Connie's rug and gallery wall.

I had book club on Monday night. There's nothing like having a party to motivate you to get everything done.

Using my own advice, I considered how many times I would actually be using my dining room this holiday season. Other than book club, I have nothing else planned until Christmas Eve. Well, I'm having a couple gatherings, but nothing that will be a meal in the dining room. So, I decided to use a tablecloth with a vintage one layered on top as the start of my tablescape.
Although the vintage tablecloth is not a family heirloom (I found it at an antique mall), I remember them from the 1950's and 1960's. It's funny how you don't really pay any attention to things like that when you are a kid. Now I love them! 

Tablecloths---that's an entire post of its own. I'm still trying to decide if I can post it since the "hubs" reads the blog. You know I have a multiples problem. I'll leave it at that (no need to give him any extra ammunition)!
All you have to do for tables like theses is just to gather a bunch of your stuff: books, figurines, ornaments, salt & pepper shakers, candle holders, greenery, and knick knacks you can turn in to Christmas decorations. The glitter keys are from Hobby Lobby. It's a pack of ornaments. I used a couple on Connie's table too. Cheap at half price.
I've had the clock ornaments for years but have always used them for decorations rather than putting them on the tree. What's more simple than a candle on a plate surrounded by glass ornaments? The elf is by Mark Roberts.
View from the other end of the room. I purposely left a space in the middle for my soup tureen. I made vegetable soup for my book club. In all the years I've owned it--25+--this was probably the first time I used the soup tureen.
The ornaments on the left are actually salt and pepper shakers. The glittery feathers are also from Hobby Lobby. They have a huge selection of glittery ornaments. It was hard to choose. I almost went for musical instruments but settled on the feathers and keys instead.
The elf clock is by Katherine. I love the "peace" scrabble ornament. We are a Scrabble loving family and I come from a long line of Scrabble players. Hint: think ornament exchange! The little ladies are vintage bells. We had similar ones growing up. I don't have anything from my childhood, so I buy things from the antique stores that remind me of mine.
The red and green Christmas tree is Murano glass from Italy. I've collected quite a few years ago---buying them half price after Christmas---they were pricey. When we went to Venice and then toured a Murano glass factory, I had planned ahead that one of those trees would be my souvenir. Not only could I NOT find them, the people I asked had no idea what I was talking about. I'll be sharing my collection in another post.
You can see another of the Murano trees here---it's the white one with the Murano red sticker on it. The bells are Fitz and Floyd salt and pepper shakers.
The button trees---I saw them at Archivers about 10 years ago. I immediately came home and made some for myself. All you need is a styrofoam cone, buttons and pins to attach them. Add a little ribbon to fill in the gaps.

The sprigs of greenery with the red ornaments also came from Hobby Lobby.
I guess that's about it. Just gather a bunch of stuff and group it together. It makes for something interesting to look at.

Want to be featured on my blog? Send me your table pictures---or anything else interesting you do at Christmas.

PS Book club was fun and we had a good discussion. If you haven't read it, Tattoos on the Heart is really good. It will open your eyes to what's happening in the gang world. The author, Gregory Boyle is a Jesuit priest and writes of his experiences. It is---by far---the MOST beautifully written book I have EVER read. I cannot think of anyone who comes close. Maybe Shakepeare---just maybe, but this writing is far easier to understand.

Anyway, after everyone left, I found this on the floor.
Hmmm. A little blue pill. All of my book club friends are women. Isn't this, surely not!


  1. Lol! Is it?

    I feel so Christmassy now! Coming over here always makes me feel ready for a party.

  2. This looks so festive and interesting. Really pretty, Barbara. We are hoping to start our decorating tomorrow - but today you've given me a few things to look at when I pick up wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby.

  3. LOL, about the "little blue pill"
    Your tablescaps are really beautiful.


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