Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ta Da...

The renovation has begun!

Powder Room
The only thing staying is my Waterford chandelier.

Everything is gone---completely gutted. It looks like the chair rail is still there, but it's not.

A few sneak peeks:
 The floor tile.
Mother of pearl inlaid sink and Swarovski crystal handled faucet.

And then on to the master bath:
This is how it looks entering from the bedroom---double French doors. We leave them open all the time.

 The jacuzzi tub is huge and we're ready for it to go!
 The only thing staying here is the big window. I love looking out on to the side yard and garden.

 This is the opening to the shower. It's going to be enlarged on both sides to take up that entire wall.
The green marble tile is going. I'm ready.
 And now for a few sneaks of what going in:
I'm adding an Austrian crystal chandelier over the tub. I love those little rosettes. This company has been in business since before WW1. They are still making this exact chandelier from back then!

 This is the marble tile for the tub and shower and porcelain floor tile.
The new tub---not a jacuzzi (those are way out of style), but it has these little air holes that pushes the water around.

I'm excited about everything, but it's going to take awhile. There is only ONE guy doing the work. We'll see. I'm sure I'll be out of my mind with the mess.

What we dread most is removing everything from the bathroom and closets. I'm hoping to keep everything contained in the sunroom and library so the rest of the house can remain "normal."

It's going to be a long few months!


  1. Oh good luck - hope it all goes smoothly. Your sneaks look fabulous.

  2. Having just begun to recover from builders doing the stairs to the cellar and fitting a new kitchen I know that feeling of dread when you look at what has to be moved. I managed fine until the last week. I could see the finish line and suddenly I had reached my limit of patience. I was just about the most evil woman on the planet for that last four days. I had to keep hiding myself away as soon as Mr M came home from work, just so I didn't bite someone's head off and spit down their neck! The day they left I was thrilled, the following day I missed their presence - daft eh. Worth it though

  3. Wow, sounds likes it's going to be wonderful when it's all completed!

  4. That's a very smart bathroom you'll be having - hoping the process is nice and smooth, and you can enjoy all those pretty things!


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