Sunday, December 11, 2016

Happy Things

There's a lot making me happy right now. It's the holiday season, so a whole lot makes me happy. Much better than dwelling on what's NOT making me happy (that's another post).

We kicked off the holiday season with a concert at the Schermerhorn. We started at Justin and Mindy's with bloody Mary's.
We had brunch at The Southern---really good. We were able to park once since the symphony hall is around the corner.
Mindy wanted to see "Home Alone." Stephanie and Nicky had gone before to see "Star Wars." They said it was awesome. While you are watching the movie, the symphony is playing the score.
Mindy picked this as her birthday celebration. I was excited to get us a box---I thought that would be so fancy! But to tell you the truth, I didn't really remember getting it. I might have just selected best seats available. Either way, it was a pretty good location.
Well, when you are booking your tickets, you don't realize where the screen is going to be. This was a little disappointing, but they did have another tv set up near us so we could see better. 
On the flip side, we had a perfect view of the orchestra. It was so fun to see who was doing all the little sounds in the movie. One of my favorite parts was the opening of the movie was the Twentieth Century Fox sound---so iconic---and awesome in person. Click on the link to refresh your memory. Anyway, this was just the beginning and it gave me chills! We had a great time.
On her actual birthday, Mindy was at the gym for a boxing class at 5:30. She goes as early ats 5 for for a boot camp that she goes to. She's a morning person. Justin is not. So it was extra special to her that he went to the boxing class with her.
 And made her a lobster dinner. The only thing that could have made me happier is if I'd been invited!

And then on Wednesday, Nicky brought me this gorgeous poinsettia. It's huge! He does it every year--making a special trip to surprise me. He's moved back in to the #1 son-in-law spot.

Then, last night, Stephanie planned this family outing---the holiday lights at Cheekwood.

Considering it was only 25 degrees, we had a great time. When you start walking, you warm up pretty quick.
 Morgan and Carter in front of one of the flowers---there was a garden full!
 Stephanie and Nicky. The lights reflected off of the lake giving us double the viewing pleasure.

Cheekwood (our botanical gardens) had the trains going too. The whole thing was awesome and so festive. Plus, some amazing hot drinks and fire pits made it a really fun evening.
 We also go to go inside the mansion. As you know, I love dining room table settings.
 Fresh fruit and greens makes a nice statement on the sideboard.
Mindy is showing her new pearl necklace that Justin gave her for her birthday. He wasn't with us as he had to work. We were all excited to got to Sportsman's for dinner--it had been quite awhile since I'd been. Unfortunately, it was a bad experience, so we won't be going back any time soon. Our food was terrible (only Stephanie and Mindy liked theirs) and the service was terrible. Still, it didn't put a damper on our fun evening.

There are plenty more things making me happy, but I'll save them for another day. What's making you happy these days?


  1. Making me happy? The thought of having everyone home for the holidays.

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