Friday, December 4, 2015

What's Happenin'!

post signatureOutside my window: Chill has definitely come to Nashville. We're in the 30's these days. I'm very happy that my garden girl, Sara got my planters decked out for the holidays. This is the first year she's done it and I love it. There is one on either side of the front door.

Lots of stuff from the garden. I think she brought those red sticks. I'll have to look around and see if I have something like that when you strip off leaves.

I am thinking: About how far behind I am on the holiday decorating. I have no idea when I'm going to get it all done. I had planned that today would be the day. But, we went to our first Christmas party of the season last night. I never considered the standing around factor of the party. We had only planned to stay an hour. At about an hour and fifteen minutes, my feet were really starting to bother me. I signaled to Butch that it was time to go. We sought out the hosts to say our good-byes. They insisted we stay just a few more minutes as the entertainment was going to start. Well, if you know "music city," there is incredible talent here. A young girl---maybe 20 at most---started to sing---some of her own original songs and she was fabulous. Unfortunately, she was also seated right where I needed to get by to retrieve my coat. There wasn't really a good time to do it. Sooo, another 45 minutes later, we said our goodbyes and left. I hobbled to the car---honestly, nearly in tears. When we got home, I checked my emails and went straight to bed. I couldn't get to sleep for the throbbing in my feet. All that to say that I need to take it easy today. The decorating is going to have to wait another day. And I need to go to the grocery store. Don't know when.

I am thankful for: Good health---despite my comments above, I'm happy to be healthy. Last year at this time, I was sick and stayed that way through most of December. I had my flu shot last week, so I'm good to go!

From the kitchen: I made a huge pot of chili that I put in the freezer for Jordan's birthday dinner. I tripled the recipe and am not sure that's enough.

I'll start making some breads and cookies in the coming days too. Just trying to prepare for the family.

I am wearing: In years past, I would start wearing Christmas clothes on December first. Not so much anymore. I don't even have that many sweaters anymore. Seems like ANY Christmas sweater is deemed "an ugly Christmas sweater." I have a couple that I do not think are ugly, so I will be wearing them at some point. Just not every day.

I am hoping: To finish up the wrapping today---or at least by tomorrow. I know I still need just a few more things. I'll know better when the wrapping is done and I can go over the completed lists.

I am reading: Comfort and Joy by Kristen Hannah. It came as an offer via email from Kindle. It was only $1.99. I've grown leary of these cheap boos as they are usually what I consider "fluff!" But, since I love KH, I'd already decided that I was going to read everything she has written. This is an older book. I'm nearly finished. So far, it's been pretty predictable---entertaining, but not surprising. I have a feeling that something surprising is coming. Still, it's been a fun read.

I'm watching: OMGosh!!! I am SOOOO in to Breaking Bad. The meth cookers are so inept at drug dealing. A high school science teacher finds out he has cancer and not long to live. He is "breaking bad"---slang for cooking meth---to make a lot of money to pay for treatment and provide for his family. His young "dealer" sidekick isn't so good at the business side. They bought an old rv as their portable lab---they drive it way out in to the desert to cook. My favorite line---and there have been many: cooker to dealer----"You brought a meth lab to the airport?" Response: "Well, I had to pick you up and thought it would save time."

I am busy creating: I haven't done a thing lately. I need to "get on it" as we have AYM on Monday. Not only have I not started my page, I can't even remember what the topic is this month. Maybe Sunday---if the wrapping, decorating and grocery shopping is done. We'll see....

I'm bummed: That the whole house seems out of control right now. That's another thing to add to the list. The dining room is full of wedding stuff.  The library is full of wrapping stuff and gifts. The family room is full of wrapped gifts---no tree to put them under. Butch plans to get the tree today so that will help.

I am hearing: I'm listening to Christmas music. It's only been a few days and I'm already getting sick of it. Basically, it's the same 25 songs---just sung by different artists. I might need to get out some of my old cd's: Transiberian Orchestra, Mannheim Steamroller, Amy Grant, The Carpenters, Johnny Mathis...

I appreciate: Free medicine! What??? 
Yep, I went to pick up---not one---but two prescriptions. When I went to pay, the pharmacy tech said, "there's no co-pay today." I replied, "I never have a co-pay, I just have to pay for it." She said, "well,  not today." I said, "It's FREE??" Yep, it was. I don't get it. Of course, due to Obama Care, our monthly insurance is going up 25%---from $1000 to $1250 a month, so maybe that's why. Still, my prescriptions are not that expensive. Remember last month? I only paid 27 cents for one of them. I guess with a $250 monthly increase, I AM paying for those prescriptions---and a pretty penny at that!

Speaking of "free stuff"---Mindy and Butch got their Maker's Mark Ambassador Christmas present.
Last year, we got the scarf for the bottle. This year we got the ear muffs. Butch hasn't re-stocked the bar yet for the holidays. They will look better on a BIG bottle!

I regret: I don't usually have regrets---so I'm not even counting this as a regret. I just regret that we didn't finish in one sitting. 

t planned a special activity for Butch and me---reminiscent of our early marriage---44 years ago when we made all of our Christmas ornaments. This year, I bought this:
I thought it would make a nice centerpiece for the game table in the rec room. I actually bought two things.
Having NEVER---yes, never---done Legos before, I had no idea how long it would take. Butch was always the one who "played" with the girls. I was more of the cuddler, reader type of mom.
I figured I would work on this cute train. When I opened the very little box, there were all of these little pieces---nearly 300!
I gave Butch the big box---nearly 1000 pieces. Within the box, there were two sets of 6 bags with 2 huge instruction books.
Butch started to complain right away. It said "expert" not he box. I stopped him with, "it says 12 and up! Come on, this is supposed to be fun." He said he'd need a gin and tonic for that. I said, "you better make it a double!"
 He mellowed out quickly and started in on the fun!
I finished the train and said, "uh oh, are there supposed to be pieces leftover?" He said no. Sandy said they always give you more than you need. We'll finish it up this weekend.
And, it was fun!!

Here's hoping you have a fun and productive weekend yourself!!!


  1. I do like the look of the Lego train. Someone here would enjoy helping out with that.

    You take it easy! Keep those feet up today! Prescriptions? We used to have to pay a contribution for us one; now they are free but the Health Service is short of money, which makes no sense to me

  2. LOL - yes, there are some Legos leftover . . . usually! I don't have our tree up yet, despite the fact that we're only doing one tree instead of three this year. (sigh) This first week of December was just too busy with ornament exchanges, book club meeting, and Mama's surgery. Hope you have a fabulous December!

  3. We have legos to make up this year - bought them last year but Ewok didn't get them built.


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