Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Don't You Just Love it When...

post signature...your granddaughters want to do what you do? I think that means you're cool!!! Here's the story:

A couple of years ago, Jordan asked me if I would needlepoint something for her. That was the same year that I gave Elizabeth---then 8---her first needlepoint project. For Jordan, I made a christmas pillow that I gave her last year. She then asked me if I would teach her to needlepoint. Of course, my heart skipped a beat and did that pitter patter thing to which the only response is, "Oh yes my darling girl---anything you want!"

I got Jordan all set up with her first project---a little animal scene with a mother and child giraffe. That girl does love animals.
It took her a year, but she finished and did a beautiful job. I'm going to have it made in to a pillow for her. For her next project, I told her that, this time I would take her shopping and let her pick it out for herself. Morgan overheard and asked why I never taught her to needlepoint to which I responded, "well, you never asked to learn." A few days later, she texted me and asked me to teach her. I told her that I'd get her all set up, but it would be her big Christmas present. Needlepoint is an expensive hobby. Those hand-painted canvases are just the start. All of the fun fibers can get pretty pricey too. Then there's the finish work. If you've ever had even a regular pillow made, you know what I'm talking about.

Nashville Needleworks has a new owner that has brought the most gorgeous things in to the store. I took Stephanie and Mindy there a couple weeks ago and let them pick out something new. I told Sandy that I would take her, too, when she was in town. That prompted Elizabeth to get out her piece that was nearly finished.
She did finish it over the Thanksgiving weekend. It turned out really cute. She did a nice job too---considering she was only 8 years old when she started it. This will also be a pillow. I'll find some fun fabric and trim. So, now Elizabeth is ready for a new project. At this point, I decided to make a family "event" out of it. I let everybody know that we'd go shopping at Nashville Needleworks on December 23rd and then have lunch afterwards. Sandy told me that Victoria also wanted to learn. I don't blame her---no one wants to be left out.

Last week, I went in to the store to pick up something I had ordered. There was a sign on the door that all of the canvases were 35% off. Now that's a BIG deal!! The previous owner ran her sale the week before and week after Christmas to reduce inventory for counting purposes and to make way for all the new things coming in. This new owner is running the sale all month. Everything was already so picked over. I knew there would be nothing good left by the 23rd. So I made the executive decision that everyone was going to have to trust my judgement. Luckily, I was able to find something for each one of the girls.
 This will be Victoria's first piece. It will be a Christmas ornament when it is completed.
Elizabeth's next project is full of fun colors for her. Plus it is a larger size canvas---perfect for children. She's going to be excited as I teach her a "fancy" stitch to use on that border.
 This will be a 3-dimensional Halloween house for Jordan.
I also got Jordan this little sweater Christmas ornament. It's about 4" tall. I can just see it on a little hanger.
That leaves Morgan. I picked this colorful gingerbread house for her. It's about 6" square.

I informed the girls of the new plan and texted them each a photo of their projects. They were all happy with their pieces. I got all of the canvases on the frames and pulled fibers from my stash. Smaller things make it easy to use what you already have on hand. I do have a few things to pick up, but for the most part, I've been able to save a LOT of money on the fibers.

Fast forward to yesterday. Morgan texted me and wanted to know if she could stop by for me to get her started. She was all excited. My first words to her were, "Now, Morgan, you are going to want to spend all your time needlepointing. You really need to wait until after your exams." Turns out she has straight "A's" and only one exam left. She's good to go. It only took about an hour to teach her everything she needs to know for now.

As Morgan was leaving, she said, "Grammy, thanks for letting me join the club!" That made me smile because that's exactly what we have going here---7 of my girls carrying on the tradition! That makes me so happy. I can just see us now---the membership dues are spending time together, stitching, talking and watching movies. I have a pretty good feeling that when I'm really old and gray, it will not be a chore to visit me if they can multi-task. And, I'm just young enough to think that I might even be able to teach another generation to stitch. Wouldn't that be cool---stitching with great-granddaughters??!!

As long as they finish their projects, this club president is happy to provide the materials. About the expense---when you consider the hours of enjoyment you put in to the project and the satisfaction you get from creating something yourself AND the family togetherness--this hobby of ours is truly priceless.

Here's to these girls starting their own family heirlooms! Can you start too early? I don't think so. And I just love that!


  1. You are all very lucky. I've tried very hard to get TSO interested in any kind of needlework: but she'd rather fix things. She can do lots of things I can't; but she's not interested in stitching!

  2. My girls have little to no interest in any of the crafty things I do. :( So happy for you that you can pass on this art form!

  3. These are gorgeous. Very cool they want to learn :)

  4. Oh how fun - I love doing crafts with people. These look cute.


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