Monday, December 7, 2015

It' s All About Mindy

post signatureWhat else is new? She's the baby. She's always been the center of attention. She likes it that way. We're okay with that. What's not to love? Today is her birthday. So this post is all about her.
 She loves presents. Always has. And she's not afraid to show it.
Years ago, I did a scrapbook page and titled it "Open-mouthed enthusiasm." That says it all. The girl is full of excitement and notices everything---and is a bit of a snoop. She came by on Friday and happened to notice the 2 little things I hadn't wrapped yet. She was all over it. Then she started snooping at the presents under the tree. Butch was all over her!

This was her First Communion portrait. We plan to get the same shot in her wedding dress. This is the grotto on the St. Cecilia Campus---where all the girls went to high school.
I've included this photo because she made her dress. She took a sewing class when she was 5. It's the last thing she's made. But, she is pretty crafty---especially when it comes to food. She likes making fun treats.

This is her high school graduation picture.

Here she is today---or I should say---at Steeplechase. She does love her fascinators!
That leads us to this. The wedding is about 6 weeks away. I can share this full view now. It's the typeset used for the invitations.
Mindy and Justin want their guests to get the full Nashville experience. Most people NOT from here won't really "get" the invitations. Hatch Show Prints was founded here in Nashville in 1879. The letterpress style of printing is still ongoing and widely used in the music business. Although they no longer do wedding invitations, employees that got their start here do. Each invitation is slightly different from the next. What some might see as flaws in the printing are actually what give them character. Hatch is downtown and open to the public for tours.

Speaking of the wedding, everything is going smoothly. There are a lot of last minute details, but so far, so good. We're all looking forward to it. So for the next few weeks, it will still be all about Mindy.

When her sisters see this post, they are going to be like---"What? Mom didn't do a post about us on our birthdays!" Well, girls, I didn't think about it. I will this year. For now, it's all about Mindy! I do love my girls!!


  1. This is just lovely! Happy Birthday to Mindy

    I'm loving the style of the invitations. Now I can't wait to see more


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