Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another Competition

On Christmas Eve, I presented the family with a new challenge. They have until our family vacation in July to complete it.
Whoever has the whole thing filled will be eligible for the prize. I'll put names in a hat and draw one out. There is only one prize and it can only be enjoyed by the person who wins it.

The kids immediately went to their poker money to start filling the book. There was a lot of trading going on. I thought it would be harder to fill this up. Apparently, it's not so hard to find all the states. I thought some were hard to find. Maybe everyone will have a chance to win. I'm even eligible for the prize and I hope I win!!!

PS Someone left their quarter folder behind. It's empty, so that tells me it must belong to one of the adults.


  1. So each state has its own quarter design? I didn't know that. Best of luck!


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