Thursday, December 17, 2015

I've Had It!

post signatureI'm sick of Christmas music. That sounds downright---Scrooge-ish. I can't help it. There are only about 15 Christmas songs sung by 250 different artists. Whoever sings them---they are the same songs---over, and over and over and over....multiply that by 64 years. I think I've heard Silent Night about 517,002 times. Enough for me. No music this morning---classical later when I'm baking. Or showtunes. Yeah, showtunes.


  1. Lol! You really do sound like you have cracked!

  2. Lol, oh Barbara, thank you for putting in a blog post what I have been saying for the past couple of years. Seriously, I'm SO tired of the same old traditional Christmas songs that are played over and over and over. And to make matters worse, we have a local radio station that actually plays ONLY Christmas music and they start BEFORE Thanksgiving. Bla. Thanks for the grins this afternoon!


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