Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Urban Living

Mindy loves living downtown. I think it comes from living and working in New Orleans French Quarter. There is so much about that I understand. After all, Justin works straight down Demonbreun from the Rhythm. They like being able to walk to restaurants and bars. For them, I get it. Condo living is a perfect fit---no weekly yard work or home repairs. With Justin's crazy, long hours and Mindy's work travel schedule---they certainly don't need that. In fact, here's an article that explains what's happening right in Mindy's neighborhood. She and Justin live on Demonbreun. 

We locals don't go downtown much. You've got the parking issue. Now that my parking guru has retired, we no longer get free parking everywhere. I miss the days when there would be someone saving a prime spot for me. 

Everything downtown is expensive. The restaurants and hotels can compete with New York prices. We don't do the honky tonks or bar scene. About the only thing we do downtown is go to the theater. Still, it's a fun and exciting place to be. And it's a good investment to buy downtown. 

Okay, maybe I should qualify my statement about us locals. I should say we "old" locals don't go downtown. The young people love it! 

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  1. I liked living in town - still like things close by. Wookie doesn't tho'.


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