Sunday, December 13, 2015

Getting in on the act.

post signatureSince Sandy and family are having so much fun with their elf this year, I decided to get ours out and dust him off. I thought Butch would get a kick out of it. Little did I know...
My first placement was on Butch's nightstand holding  his prayer book. He never said a word. I thought maybe he hadn't noticed him.
So I moved him to his vanity. From there, the game was "on." Butch never said a word, but I noticed that the elf had disappeared.
I found him here holding my glasses on my nightstand. It has become a silent game between us. He's a man of few words anyway, so never saying anything is more HIS style. I'm dying---I'm a talker. So, I'm sharing our elf's escapades with the girls. They are getting a kick out of it too.
 This was my next move---holding Butch's coffee on top of the Kuerig.
Butch perched him on my computer. I've had fun documenting the elf's movements. You're supposed to name your elf. We never did.
Butch went to the farm with Bruce last week to cut firewood. When he got home on Thursday the elf was here. A close-up:
I bought some personalized M&M's this year. There was a Groupon special for them.
This was Butch's "move" yesterday. I died---laughing so hard!! I mean out loud laughing until the tears ran down mylegs!! (Thanks for that one Linda.)

My turn.

Just me trying to keep it fun!!


  1. lol! You have me persuaded. Next year I'm buying an elf, even if it's just for the two of us


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