Friday, November 20, 2015


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 I am thinking: Where in the world did I put the Christmas wrapping paper? I'm sure I had plenty leftover and even purchased some on sale last year. For the life of me, I can't find it. Frustrating as I want to get some of these gifts wrapped. Although I'm pretty close to being done with my shopping, I won't know until I have it all laid out and inventoried!

I am thankful for: Great friends that are always willing to have a little get-a-way now and then! We had a fun and relaxing time at the farm. We had lunch outside yesterday, but it was pretty chilly to do much else. We stitched, read, talked and watched movies and tv. 

From the kitchen: I will be making my hostess gifts this year---but not until the first part of December. Of course, I'm banking on being out of these boots in another couple of weeks.

I am wearing: I'm ready to transition to pants as the weather cools. But, these boots will keep me in capris for a bit longer.

I am hoping:  I haven't bitten off more than I can chew with my December schedule. It's pretty busy---which I like---through the holidays. Still, this year, I'm acting like I have no limitations---when I just might. We'll see....

I am reading: The Secret Daughter---a book about adoption that shows all sides---adoptee, adoptive parents and the birth mother. You can really feel each person's pain. So far it's very interesting. I'll let you know if it's worth the read when I finish.

I'm watching: Bates Motel. It is my newest passion. I only have 3 episodes left to be caught up with the series---getting ready to start season 4. I'm trying to stretch it out because whenever I do this, it's a letdown to have to wait for a series in "real" time. I really like the binge watching. I also started Scandal---so that will be another good one to take Bates' place. 

I am busy creating: Still stitching away. I'm nearly finished with my "Along Came a Spider" Halloween canvas. I'll also be finishing up a couple of Connie's projects. Of course all that's left is the harder---un-fun stuff. I can see why she was stalled. Why am I doing it for her? Because, uhhhh, that's just what friends do!

I'm bummed: about that wrapping paper. Just can't stop thinking about it. Not having it is really holding me up.

I am hearing: a new Pandora station. I decided that I wanted to listen to some opera. I put "opera" in the search and up popped "opera to relax radio." It wasn't exactly what I was looking for---I really wanted those Italian tenors singing opera. But I went with it and am loving it. Basically, it's a lot of current/pop songs set to symphony music. Truly relaxing. Not really opera at all.

I appreciate:  a good life hack. I think I already shared the one about cherry or grape tomatoes this summer. It's one of my favorites and worth repeating. When slicing a bunch of small tomatoes, place them on a plate that will hold the number you need. Invert another plate on top and slice through the middle with a serrated knife. Works perfectly! 

Well, here's another I discovered and tried this week. When you need to peel a large number of hard boiled eggs---I was making egg salad---just drain the eggs and shake vigorously in the pan. The eggs will all crack against each other. The shells will literally just slide off. No more wasted egg as you try to pry the shells off! 

Around the house: Tomorrow, the Christmas decorating begins. I have a couple of ladies who have been decorating the outside of the house and doing other "un-fun" tasks for twenty years now. I used to have them the weekend after Thanksgiving, but several years ago, they requested to come the weekend before. As it turned out, I like that better. I can usually get the house decorated before going to Charlotte for Thanksgiving. That won't happen this year, but it will be nice to have some of it done before we leave on Tuesday.

I’m craving: good salads---all-the-time.

I’m feeling: like this broken ankle and toe will never heal. It's better, but still painful. I have stopped the ibuprofen, so I guess it's to be expected.

I’ve completed: several tasks for the wedding. Working on getting the invitations ready to go out. 

I’m writing: "stuff" for the wedding: directions, greetings, menus, program, a lot.

I’m organizing: Mindy's gifts are not organized yet, but hopefully tonight they will be. Right now they are just all over the sunroom---waiting to be seen by Justin. Then we'll get them consolidated and put in boxes until they can take everything to their condo.

I’m obsessing over: Mindy is obsessing for the both of us.  She's welcome to the job. I'm not really the obsessive type. Oh wait, I am---but more like in the OCD department. 

I’m looking forward to: our Thanksgiving trip to Charlotte with the Lapps. It's always so much fun. I may not be able to do quite as much as I'd like, but to be sitting around with family---well, it doesn't get any better than that!


  1. Well, if you are almost done with your shopping and looking for the wrapping paper, I'd say you've a good start on the holiday preparations. I'm still in the planning stages for Christmas this year, as I want to change things around quite a bit. For wrapping paper I uncovered a large roll of plain kraft packaging paper in the depths of a now purged and prettyily reorganized closet. It is years old when I used to cover mailed packages with it. I'm thinking with some red and white ribbon and twine, it will be plenty fancy enough.

    And thanks for the tip on the eggs, why hadn't I thought of that. I love egg salad!! Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. I always find our spare wrapping paper under the bed. And then I always tell myself I'm never leaving it there again, because it inevitably collects dust. Oh, how much do I need to get some more shopping done!

  3. Great catch up on what's going on in your world! I do hope you continue to heal quickly and are out of those boots soon . . . and that you find that wrapping paper!

  4. Hope you heal quickly and don't end up with any limitations... and that you've found the wrapping paper by now!


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