Sunday, November 1, 2015

Favorite Halloween Pictures---Updated!

We only had 9 trick-or-treaters this year. Actually, that's about 4 more than last year. At least the rain held off for them.

It was always about the candy for us when we were growing up. Anything for candy---hunting for soda bottles to get the 2 cent deposit---spending every cent of our allowance for the maximum candy benefit and walking miles, far and wide on Halloween. No matter how much candy we got, we ate it all within a couple of days.

I don't think candy is quite the "big" deal it once was. Kids now-a-days get more candy than when we were little. Still, I think they like dressing up and going out on Halloween. 

When my girls were growing up, I hated Halloween---or I should say---the pressure of costumes. I do not sew and am not particularly creative when it comes to costumes. My happiest days were when the girls were old enough to figure out their own costumes----AND when they took over dressing Mindy! One good advantage of a big age difference!

Here are my favorite costumes this year:
I love seeing photos of the little nieces and nephews on Facebook---that's what I look for there. This is Nathan "Spiderman!"

 And his big brother, Travis. That's the best pumpkin costume I think I've ever seen!
 I'm pretty surprised that Nathan kept that skull cap on.
Scarlett---she's growing up way too fast---as they all are! Just stop it!

Looks like she made quite a haul.

 Stephanie was stressed because everyone at work decided they needed to dress-up. Her team came up with the emoji idea. Perfect---and easy!
 Not exactly Halloween, but close enough. One of Nicky, Steph, Justin and Mindy's friends turned 40 and had a "Back to the Future" party. Justin had the best costume as Marty McFly---in the back.
 A very cute and "hip" Alice in Wonderland---Elizabeth.
 Nicky and Stephanie went to their friends annual costume party as a pair of rednecks. I don't really get it. Don't they always look like this?
 I'm pretty sure Steph wears this outfit to Walmart!
There's no guessing with this costume---it's "Mindy Mouse!"
 Little cupcake Evie!
And little cherry pie Josie! Couldn't you just eat them up??
Although this is no family dog---found the photo on Facebook---I thought it was so clever. My sister in Texas has a dog, Gus like this who has to "coned" regularly---or as Janice refers to it---the "cone of shame."
And this. I never knew. I think I'm going to do it next year and add it to my decorations. Plus, it looks like a fun activity. People make fun of candy corn, but I like it. Well, hey, it's candy! It's always about the candy!! 

Can't stress that enough!


  1. Oh, yes, it was always about the candy for us, too. And candy corn is one of my favorites! :) Great costume photos!

  2. I think you are right about the candy. It's just not such a treat as it used to be. Though we didn't have Trick or Treat when I was young. For that reason, Easter was more exciting: we always got a good collection of chocolate eggs.

    Our favourite costumes round here this year were two tiny Star Wars characters, about two foot tall

  3. What a great selection of costumes among your family. Love the hip Alice. We didn't get any Trick or Treaters here. A good thing as I had been out all day at a Halloween crop and my husband forgot to get any candy in!


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