Sunday, November 29, 2015

Our Thanksgiving

post signatureHere's a rundown of our visit to Charlotte.

We got there Tuesday night and kicked off our holiday. On Wednesday, we did a little shopping---Hobby Lobby for wrapping paper and a stop at Pier One---they have great holiday items. That was really about all I could handle with these cumbersome boots. Plus they rub me the wrong way which aggravates my hives---story of my life these days. 

The highlight of Wednesday was "tea" at the Ballantyne Hotel. I had made reservations for us girls a month ago. This was actually a celebration of Elizabeth's birthday. I had planned something special in Nashville, but due to my situation, that didn't happen. 
She finally got her birthday present---her very first pair of UGGS! I got them a little big so she can get two years out of them---we hope!!
When you are ten, you want to sleep in your new UGGS! Her dad wouldn't let her, but when she came down the next morning in her pajamas, she had them on!! I told her I was going to take a marker and put UGGS on the back of my boots! She replied with her normal, "Grammy!" She doesn't fall for my jokes anymore---being 10 and all!

 I was so happy to have the spot in front of the fireplace. 

They had some really good varieties of tea, but , unfortunately they do not sell it. I like to get those private blends whenever I can. The food was good---I can't believe I didn't think to get a photo of all the treats! The only thing missing was Mindy. She stayed behind in Nashville to be with her fiancĂ©. 

After tea, we went home, napped, did a little food prep (not much to do as Sandy had done most of it), had corn chowder with rolls for dinner and family games after. I think I was the first to bed around midnight. 

Thanksgiving was a gorgeous day. We always get the last minute food stuff out of the way so we can enjoy the Macy's day parade. Nicky is in charge of the bloody Mary's. Butch put together the betting grid for the football games. There's always some sort of gambling/contest with our gang.

  Sandy's table was beautiful. 
 Steph did the fancy napkin fold---they'll show again up in another post.
We love setting fancy tables in this family, complete with table/party favors. Sandy always comes up with something clever. She found the basic idea on Pinterest and made it her own. 
 After dinner, it was so nice that everyone went outside.
There was a little football toss in the front. I guess, this year, we decided to become "that" family who plays a little football on Thanksgiving. You always hear about it, but that's never been us. Come to think of it---this is the very first time we've EVER played football---and I say "we" very loosely. We "big" girls did not get in on the action. Rather, we watched from the porch and snapped a few pictures.
 As kids are known to do, they were all out there barefooted or in their socks. 
 Nicky took one for his team. Steph wouldn't let him back in the house.
 And just like a little kid, he ruined his good pants. Grass stains, but thankfully, no hole!

After more football on tv, naps and snacks, we spent the evening playing many games of "Catch Phrase." Even Mitchell graced us with his presence!! He was in and out quite a bit---as college kids are when their friends are in town. But apparently---all his friends had family obligations too! That's okay, we'll take what we can get!!

We don't do the Black Friday shopping anymore---haven't done that in many years. It was fun to me---years ago---to get up before dawn and be in the stores at 5 a.m. Of course, that was always up my alley as an early bird. Now-a-days, we choose a movie and lunch for Black Friday. Turns out, many of the family stayed up until 3 a.m.---and decided to sleep in. It was just Sandy, Elizabeth and me for the movie. We saw The Big Dinosaur---the new Disney Pixar. It was sooo good---sad and tragic, but good---even if you aren't with a kid!! Always a tear-jerker happy ending. I'm always reduced to mush!

More family fun and games, much talking and just hanging out. Another perfect Thanksgiving at the Lapps' house. 

We got an early start on Friday and were home by 11:15 a.m. We gain an hour coming home which is nice. We ALWAYS like to leave early whenever we travel. When it's over, it's over. Otherwise, you sit around waiting to leave. Same is true when we fly. Just give us the earliest flight! Sometimes I'm over-ruled on that, but I like getting home and having time to unpack and get settled. The fun has to end sometime!!

The Lapps will be here for Christmas in a mere three weeks! Nothing but fun times ahead!!


  1. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! That table setting is beautiful. So glad you got Elizabeth's celebration tea in, too.

  2. It sounds like such a lovely happy family time

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