Tuesday, November 3, 2015

That's Just What Friends Do...

post signature...so here's the deal. About once a year---sometimes twice---Connie and I will pick a stitching project to do together. We used to have a couple other friends in our little group, but now it's just us. 

A few years ago, we chose this awesome Christmas project. Size-wise, the stitched part is about 6"x8"---not too big.
Since I try to remember to sign and date my needlework,  I'm realizing now that, it's been more than a few years. It's been 6 YEARS!!! 
Here's a close-up so you can see the detail a little better. Connie never finished hers. She kept saying it was because of the beading---which she doesn't like to do. The beading on this project is the gold star and holly leaves---all beads. Since I've been a stitching fool the last few weeks, I told her to give it to me and I'd do her beading. SIX years---Connie, it's time!

Here I am thinking that all she has left to do is the beading. It almost looks like she barely got the project started. By Sunday, I had finished EVERYTHING of my own that I had going---or at least was caught up with my class project and as far as I could go with my pumpkin/spider pillow---needing more supplies (of course). Since our next class isn't until Tuesday, that gives me a couple days with nothing to do---GASP! I cannot sit in front of the tv without a project. Plus, I'm not even 100% sure I'll be able to go to class on Tuesday. We'll see about that.
I decided to start on Connie's piece. This before picture above is AFTER I'd already done the beading on the gold star---and completely re-worked the red border. Upon the removal of another stitch---apparently Connie nipped the threads of the red border. I wasn't even going to tell her about that (sorry for throwing you under the bus, Connie, but it's part of the story!). I only had to re-do about half of that. Plus, it's a really fun stitch, so didn't take too long. 
Well, I spent 6.75 hours stitching it on Sunday AND loved it just as much as I did the first time. The reason we like these types of projects is that even if you don't like a particular stitch, you only have to do it for a bit---or, you can substitute another stitch. It's nearly finished---just the background and a few details that have to go in after the background stitch. I even did the little carrot nose---and got it right the first time. That's a sort of "guess" how much thread you need and see how it turns out. I think Connie will be able to power through it now.

I think that leaves Connie with finishing the snowman family to be caught up. Oh yeah, and the current little Halloween pudgy. And did I mention she has a few things that she hasn't started yet? Okay, if I'm being honest, I also have another canvas I haven't even started. 

I love our class projects because I also do well with assignments and deadlines. I'm just good with working within time frames. I'm methodical too. I'll start with #1 and go right through. No skipping around for me. I take it as it comes---never putting off the stuff I don't like or starting something else before finishing. I do usually start the background of a piece so I can do that as I go along. Oftentimes, it's the biggest part of the piece and can become tedious to do the same thing over and over. Who's with me on that?

I've always considered Connie to be the "faster" stitcher. But she's been reading more lately. We only have so much spare time. I'm sharing some of mine with her. That's just what friends do!

PS I'm so desperate for something to work on, I pulled these out. 
I made about a dozen of these ornaments five or more years ago for all my girls and grandchildren. Each one is a different color and set of stitches. It's only about 5" tall. Next holiday season, a few of my favorite people will be getting one! Because, uhhh, that's just what friends do!

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  1. That is so sweet of you to take on Connie's project.
    If you are bored..I have a piece I was working on…lets say 21+ years ago..I'll ship it off to you if you need something to do, teehee.
    The piece you made is beautiful and love the detail.


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