Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Working on finishing my Halloween stitching by Thanksgiving. Then I'll pick up a couple of Connie's Christmas projects to finish---because, uhhh, that's just what friends do!
Watching Bates Motel on Netflix---and lovin' it!!
Listening to Opera to Relax Radio on Pandora. I listen to music constantly and was getting a little tired of everything. I was even listening to the Disney channel. I decided on some old fashioned opera to get me in an Italian mood. When I put that in the search, up popped "Opera to Relax." It's "hipper" than regular opera---music of today in a classical format.
Trying to figure out when I can realistically go upstairs. I want to get the Christmas wrapping paper down to start eliminating some of these boxes of gifts. Heck, I'm sitting around anyway, might as well do some wrapping.
Preparing for an upcoming trip to the farm next week. What could be more fun than sitting around stitching? Sitting around stitching with my friends!
Loving that I'm finally caught up on magazines and thumbing through catalogs. Well, until the mail delivers 32 new catalogs today.It's that time of year.
Revisiting what I really want to do in the way of Christmas decorating this year. By the time I'm out of these boots, I'll already be two weeks in to the holiday season. Is it worth going all out for just another 3 weeks?
Continuing to work on my plan to really clean out and declutter this house. I think I'm over the moving bug---just the sheer scope of the work is enough. Do we need this big of a house? Not really. But we are still using the pool. Still, I'm going to attack each room as if we were planning to move. That way I can get rid of a lot of junk now. Plus, I have a ton of boxes to make it easy! If I don't, the girls are going to hate us!
Wanting to take over the grocery shopping. Can't wait for that! And, here, I always thought I hated grocery shopping. But when you are at the mercy of other people and realize you can't get exactly what you want, you realize you'd rather do it yourself. Sometimes, you don't even know what you want until you are there!
Laughing at my ridiculous situation. Surgery on one foot, then fall and break the other. Laughing about it is all I can do. It's still unbelievable to me!
Brainstorming my ideas for A Year of Memories, 2016.
Re-organizing all of my stitching fibers and consolidating them.
Enjoying this sitting around time and making the best of it. 

Catching up on blogs, scrapbook videos and other video clips I've been meaning to watch.

Drinking my morning pot of Earl Grey Supreme.
Thinking about classes I can find to take. I love learning new stuff.
Wearing capris---still. They are the only things that fit over the boots.
Eating frozen waffles---cooked in the microwave so they get soft---such a quick breakfast.
Thrilled that Butch is on the boards of both homeowners associations where we have our Florida condos. I'm so happy that he's actively watching out for our investment!
Excited for the holidays and the family time that brings. First stop---Thanksgiving in Charlotte! Can't wait!
Reading Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. Actually, I just finished it. She can "tear me up" like no other author. I cry so hard---there's always something so gut-wrenching---and you are in the middle of it!
Feeling like these breaks are never going to heal. But I did have a fairly painless shower yesterday. 
Dreading an upcoming colonoscopy. Has it really been 10 years? Merry Christmas to me!
And that's wassup with me!


  1. So glad you are able to laugh at and somewhat enjoy the downtime that your current predicament has brought about. Wishing you quick healing!

  2. sounds like you are as busy as ever!

  3. Retaining a sense of humour seems to be getting you through :) Yes, I hate grocery shopping and haven't been fit to get out and do it recently. But I have no excuses left. Today is the day. We will have food again.


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