Sunday, November 22, 2015

Now I Remember Why I Don't Like Pinterest

post signatureYou can get lost there for hours!!!

Basically, Pinterest is a place where you set up electronic bulletin boards for any and every topic under the sun. You get to decide what you name your boards and what you "pin" to them.

It's a conspiracy, I tell you!!! Pinterest sends things to you via email based upon the boards you have set up. Who can resist following a link to some of your favorite things? Before you know it, you've spent a few hours just browsing around.

To make matters worse, they keep you informed about who is "following" you and what they are pinning. In a way, that's sort of fun. First off, I didn't know that guys did Pinterest. Imagine my delight when I was notified that my new "son-in-law-to-be" started following my boards. I can see where he might like my recipe boards---after all, he loves to cook. And he might even enjoy iPhone ideas or travel info. But I seriously doubt he's interested in my "The Royals" board---or anything related to scrapbooking. Still, it's flattering when someone follows you. I've said it before, he's become my #1!!

And then there's Analise---the 11 year old granddaughter of my closest friend. I had to chuckle when she started following me. What in the world would an eleven year old find interesting in an old lady's boards. Surely not books, fonts or bathroom ideas!! Still, I thought it was cute. So cute, that I decided to follow her back!!! I thought she'd get a kick out of that.

What are eleven year olds pinning? Of course, her pins would be all about girly stuff---even if she's not allowed yet---fancy, crazy makeup techniques and "over-the-top" fingernail fashions. What little Analise doesn't know is that---covertly---this allows Connie and I to keep an eye on what she's up to!! Now that sounds like a good idea! Until maybe it's not. I guess if anything untowardly starts popping up, I'll just "unfollow" her! She's a little sweetheart, so I don't expect anything like that to happen. Wait, there might not even be anything untowardly on Pinterest anyway. No worries!

So, back to the hours I just lost this morning. I started checking out a few things. Then I realized that my neatly organized boards needed a little re-organizing. Of course they are all in alphabetical order. Would you expect anything less from me?

The next time I have a few hours, I'm going to re-organize and divide my recipe board. I should have done that to begin with and had specific categories. Right now, all recipes are jumbled together. I have 635 pins there---a huge mess. That will haunt me. But here's the kicker: I don't think I've ever referred to that board to get a single new recipe! I get so many new recipes from blogs that I follow--you just can't try them all. OMGosh! My mind is spinning. So much information comes at me all the time!! So much to do.

Still, I'll leave you with this---just in case you have a few hours to kill and would like to check out my boards---I'm not above aiding and abetting!!

Here I am: Barb's Pinterest Boards

And if you only have time to check out one board---do pick "The Royals." They are all so darn cute!!


  1. Well, of course your boards are alphabetized! I've just recently started setting up boards on Pinterest for Bible Journaling . . . and they are organized in order of the books of the Bible. :) I've been careful to limit my time there . . . so far!

  2. I do enjoy Pinterest. But once I got up to saturation point in that I had more pins than projects I could ever complete, I started to lose a bit of interest, I'll be honest. Nowadays I tend to scroll through the pretty pictures without actually pinning. Now that's a real waste of time!

  3. I don't do Pintrest - partially because if I put it on a list my brain starts to think about 'to do's. I do keep some project reference bits in Evernote, which I like because I'm not tempted to spend time looking at other people's ideas :)


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