Sunday, November 15, 2015

Schedules and Accomplishments

post signatureMy Schedule These Days

I almost feel guilty reporting this---because I think I could really become accustomed to this lifestyle. I'm a creature of habit. I like my little schedules. It wasn't hard to fall in to this one:

4:00-5:30 a.m.---Wake up; Make tea; Put on music; Check emails; Facebook; blogs.
7:00 a.m.---turn on GMA; eat breakfast; continue with computer stuff.
8:00 a.m.---get cleaned up for the day; make-up/maybe/rarely.
9:00 a.m.---turn on Kelly and Michael; check “to do” list and do a couple things; browse catalogs/order Christmas gifts; stitch.
11:00 a.m.---watch a show I have DVR’d; stitch.
11:45 a.m.---lunch; more tv; stitch; Netflix (Monumental Mysteries, Bates Motel, Foyle’s War and Scandal). I’ve watched many movies and documentaries. I’m trying to stick with just a few series so that I can get through them systematically.
2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.---put on music; read and nap.
4:00 p.m.---local news; computer stuff.
6:00 p.m.-7 p.m.—dinner; check emails; tv with Butch.
7:00 p.m.-midnight---more tv and stitching; check emails before bed; read.

As the pain recedes, I’m doing more. This week, I made dinner a couple of times. I've unloaded the dishwasher a few times and opened the dozens of boxes arriving. Mostly Christmas stuff---some wedding stuff, so that’s good.


I can still manage to be productive from my chair! I'm a "lister" and love nothing more than checking things off or---in this case---putting things---"on"!

1. Completely caught up on my stitching class.
2. Waded through a foot high stack of magazines.
3. Culled my Netflix list--- I’m down to 21 items.
4. Watched dozens of documentaries and movies from Netflix.
5. Put together my timeline for the wedding.
6. Put together a very lengthy task list for the wedding---very detailed---down to who is going to help get the gifts home after the wedding. I don’t want to let anything fall through the cracks.
7. Watched umpteen Ted Talks that have been on my list for awhile.
8. Cleaned out files on my computer.
9. Planned AYM for 2016.
10. Planned a special project for my friends.
11. Got honeymoon information together for Mindy and Justin.
12. Made many wedding arrangements over the phone.
13. Read 3 books.
14. Started my Christmas shopping---actually, I'm nearly finished.
I wanted to start wrapping---the perfect thing to do from a sitting position. But apparently I'm out of wrapping paper.

15. Played umpteen games of Trivia Crack with family and friends on my iPhone.
16. Spent hours on the phone with Sandy.
17. Re-organized all of my fibers and floss bags.

18. Stitched a couple of Connie’s projects.
19. Started bow making for my Christmas packages.
20. Wrote the handouts for the AYM November and December kits.
21. Wrote the “welcome to Nashville” letter for the gift bags for the wedding guests.
22. Started working on plans for Katie’s shower.
23. Made some surprise reservations for Thanksgiving at Sandy’s.
24. Put together the Christmas lists.
25. Culled through and re-organized the photos on my computer---deleted 1201.
26. Downloaded about 50 new fonts and put them in the proper folders.
27. With Connie’s help---put together a December schedule for us and our friends.
28. Made the necessary reservations for the December events.
29. Kept up with the bills.
30. Handled all of the beach business.

I've gone out a little, but I'm still laying low. I know that the more I stay off of my feet, the quicker the fractures will heal. I have a really fun and busy holiday season planned. And I don't want to miss a thing!! I had my first, comfortable shower this week---meaning that I didn't have to balance quite so much to keep weight off of the ankle. I'm still taking the ibuprofen for pain and inflammation, but I can tell it's finally getting better.


  1. Seriously, are you working on 4 or 5 hours sleep a night? I'm in complete awe.

    Keeping the weight of a foot is very wearing. I think that was the hardest bit for me last year. The pain wasn't nearly as bad as they said it was going to be; but not being able to stand up properly was tedious!

  2. I'm impressed! (Although not surprised!) I'm itching to know our AYM 2016 topic!!!

  3. I'm impressed with your schedule - although I couldn't do the sleep pattern. I need 7.5 as a minimum and 8 is better. Glad you've worked through so many projects - that's always a great feeling.


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