Saturday, August 15, 2015

Travel Lessons Learned

1. When you order local currency from your bank, make sure you pay attention and actually GET local currency. I'm sure that's tip #1 in "Traveling for Dummies."

2. Just because you are visiting a country known for their tea, don't take it for granted that you will actually get it!

3. When you buy bottled water, make sure it says "still" on the label. I only had to make that mistake once.

4. Whenever you are in a situation where no one else is around---you are doing something wrong!! Whether it's walking down a still escalator or walking down a pedestrian path looking for a boat dock---if no else is walking there, you are going the wrong way!!

5. Hand sanitizer is your best friend.

6. Your most comfortable shoes are only comfortable for five minutes. Try standing for hours on buses or in the tube---I'm telling you---five minutes.

7. I still "have" it! When I was young, cute and clueless, I could get anyone to help me---young guys or old guys. Now that I'm older, chubby and helpless, the young guys are still willing to help me. And believe me---that's not a bad thing!! Don't even bother with the old guys.

8. Just because your destination on the tube is listed on the wall---that does NOT mean a tube will show up with that name on it! Sometimes you have to get there via another tube. Luckily I used #7 to get the information I needed.

9. Showering at night makes your hair all "wonky" the next day. But I can't go to bed "dirty!"

10. Even when everything goes wrong that can possible go wrong, I can still have a good time!


  1. I learned some lessons when I traveled to . . .
    *Always ask the price of the bicycle rickshaw before getting on (because they like to be paid in cash ... pounds, of course)
    *Always order a coke WITH ice and WITHOUT lemon
    *And hold on to your luggage on the escalator! :)

  2. lol! Yes I cooled down a cup of coffee with sparkling bottled water once. Never again.

  3. Glad you found your way around on the tube in the end. It can be confusing even if you live here.

    I'm always careful when I grab a bottle of water - no bubbles please :)


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