Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Things I Bought

Here's a little glimpse of my purchases:
I've been needing another tea cosy, so planned to buy one while there. We were given Lady Canarvon's book---I bought the Downton Abbey one.
Just because you can never have too much tea. The little red tins are actually tea bags---but I loved the tins. I do actually use tea bags when I travel---like to scrapbook retreats or anywhere we are cooking our own food. Too much trouble to do anything else. Okay, so maybe I'm not quite the tea snob I think I am!
 This time, rather than the normal black teas I buy from Twinings, I decided to try a few whites. I had the Darjeeling this morning---really good!
 My Starbucks mug on the right.
 This is my pre-planned souvenir from Selfridge's.
And finally, a new china teapot. I'm already planning a Christmas tea. I'll show my friends what a proper tea looks like!


  1. Looks like a good haul. Thought of you as Gardener's World visited the Downton Abbey garden and had a tour with Lady Carnavon.

  2. What: did you take an extra suitcase for souvenirs? :)

  3. A heavy load.....I always take t bags with me when I travel.

  4. lots of lovely goodies your have there. Enjoy your tea x


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