Sunday, August 23, 2015

St. Louis

I was in St. Louis last week. I went specifically to be with my Aunt Marie. I flew in--it costs less than $200, so I doubt I'll ever drive again! Of course, that does put me without a car. But luckily for me, my favorite cousin, Chrissy is now retired. She actually likes being my chauffeur. I love spending time with her, so it's a "win-win" for both of us.

I had such a good time---here are a few photos:
On Monday, Chrissy and I went to Janet's to help set up her scrapbook room. We finished sooner than expected, so we went to the movie and saw "The Gift" with Jason Bateman. It was really good---he's a great actor. But be prepared---it's suspenseful. We jumped out of our seats a couple times with Janet elbowing me twice and Chrissy yelling in my ear twice!! We met up with Ronnie, Jackie, Greg and Evie for dinner. Evie was wearing her Frozen socks. She put them on a while back, pointed to Elsa and asked her mom if that was "Aunt Barb." Apparently, she thinks I'm a Disney princess!
 One day, I got a facial in old St. Charles---recommended by Jeanne. It was awesome. While in the area, I saw this tiny house. I would have loved to see the inside. Rather than being part of "tiny house nation"---this one is really just a very old tiny house. It was so cute.
I stay with Jeanne when I'm in town, so I spent some time enjoying Jeanne's gardens. Chrissy and I even dug up some ferns for her house.
These hydrangeas actually were the blue ones. I love that when they "die" they are this lovely multi color.

Jeanne has a magnolia in her front yard. It's not a Southern Magnolia, but the blooms are pretty similar. I didn't know that magnolias could grow in St. Louis' climate.
 Just a side view---so pretty. I want my gardens to look like this!
 I don't know anyone that does pots better than Jeanne!
One day, we picked up Chrissy's sister, Judy and went to lunch. After, we decided to take a drive "up north" to the old neighborhood. By now you've heard of Ferguson, Missouri. Well, I grew up very near there. It is no longer a very nice place to be. This was the first apartment that Butch and I lived in when we got married in 1971.
Nothing fancy, but the price was right---$110. a month.
This was us back then. In fact, we celebrated 44 years together this week.

We continued our drive---went by Spanish Lake, Aunt Stella's house, St. Aloysius Church and school and our old house. The whole area is pretty run down. 
It saddened me to see signs like this all over. In fact, in hindsight, we probably should not have been driving around there. Thankfully, we were not victims of a random shooting. On the other hand, I think most of the thugs were busy in Ferguson!

It was a busy few days, but so much fun. I got to spend a lot of time with Aunt Marie (my purpose for going) and I got to see Mary, Mary and their kids too. Aunt Marie went to lunch with us one day. She has good days and bad. I feel so bad for her. She's only 81, but takes a lot of medicine for different ailments. The sad part about it is that she is one woman who did everything right in her life---watched what she ate and was always active---even playing golf until about 2 years ago. She's slowing down. She thinks her medicine is what's causing it and I have to agree. Still, I was happy to be with her. She told me so many stories of her childhood and my great-grandparents from Italy. I had no idea there were skeletons in the closet! She exposed some of them---so interesting. Ahhh, but those are another post!

I'm so grateful that Chrissy drove me all over! Thanks for that---and to her husband, Steve, for letting her devote the week to me! 


  1. Congrats on 44 years together! Sounds like you had a nice trip. Last time I went to Mississippi, I drove by the houses I lived in before we moved to Texas (when I was only 7). Actually, we drove by the vacant lots as all the houses had been torn down!

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Happy Anniversary! That's such a lovely picture of the two of you. And I love that tiny house too: it's just the sort of place I could retire too


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