Monday, August 3, 2015

A Few Things

Recently, I went to a new dermatologist. I love my regular dermatologist (well, except for the day he came in wearing Crocs---that was just wrong). But according to my friends, I needed to have a head to toe "mole check." I had never heard of it and didn't know I needed one. Well, there is no way I could go see my regular doctor. We've been together too long. I could not stand in front of him in my underwear. So, I went to a female doctor---the one my friend, Nancy goes to. I really liked her. She says everything looks good. I got the bill the other day. Instead of "office visit" it said "encounter." Doesn't that sound odd? I've never heard of that before. Encounter sounds somewhat mysterious and dangerous to me. I guess if the news had been bad, it would have been.

Speaking of things I've never heard of before, I spotted these at the grocery store:
 Say what??? I cannot imagine.....
 Seriously---this is Greek to me!
 Come on this is the only one that really makes sense. This sounds like someone was eating a reuben sandwich along with chips and thought---"hmmm how about we forget the sandwich and just put it in the chips! That would certainly save a lot of time." It looks like they even included the pickle.
I'd say this sign just about has it right.
This tag is perfect for a friend of mine! She does her married daughters laundry and ironing! I don't even iron for myself. Luckily, my girls would probably think something was wrong with me if I did theirs! Wouldn't want them to worry about that.

 When Mindy and I went dress shopping, this sign greeted us.
And this is how Mindy asked her sisters and nieces to be in her wedding---they received personalized Coke bottles saying: Maid of Honor (Mindy found out later that it should have said "matron"---but we don't worry about things like that around here), Elizabeth's says---"junior bridesmaid" and Victoria's says---"bridesmaid." Mindy has a lot of very clever ideas---stay tuned!
Lastly, my mirror fell off the wall 3 weeks ago. Luckily it didn't break, but I wonder if it will take 7 years to get it back on the wall?


  1. ha to the Crocs - wrong indeed. what a super way to ask someone to be part of the wedding party x

  2. Am I the friend that does the ironing for her kids?

  3. That bathroom sign & the clothing tag totally made me laugh today!


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