Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Another Move

I got home from St. Louis on Friday morning. I left at 6:45 on Saturday morning to go to Jordan's new apartment in Knoxville---3 hours away. I thought it would take 2 hours---max---to get her settled. I knew we were in trouble when I saw this when we walked in the door:
In all fairness to Jordan, she's only been here since Wednesday. She did have her bedroom fairly settled.
Everything had to be unpacked and washed. She didn't have any dish liquid, so that delayed the process. The light cover on the ceiling fixture fell down as you can see.
There was no room for her kitchen table and chairs, so we had to take that back home. Considering she lives on the THIRD floor---Stephanie and Jordan had a LOT of hauling to do. But not nearly as much as her dad and boyfriend had to do to get all the furniture up there.

As usual, I'm the boss on these sorts of projects. No way was I going to do all that hauling! No elevator either! Luckily, I love this sort of work. There's nothing more satisfying to me than making order out of chaos.

We brought the white shelf with us (thanks Connie). There are actually two of them, but Morgan has the other one in her apartment in Murfreesboro. I didn't realize until now that they were meant to be used as a set. You can tell by the top moulding that's flat on the right side. It fit perfectly in this spot. She definitely needed the storage space.
The round table was actually on the balcony of her last apartment. This one doesn't have a balcony. Since there was no place for the regular kitchen table and chairs, I felt like this was better than nothing. She can easily pull this out so that two people can eat at the table. Otherwise, it's "sit on the couch and use the coffee table" for meals.
I put the other chair here in her entry. Still easy to pull up to the table when necessary. I'm sure it will be piled with stuff in no time at all.
 It's a nice apartment and pretty much space for one person---just never enough storage.
The sectional looks pretty good in this picture, but really, it's a piece of junk. Still, for a poor college kid's apartment, it's just fine.
This is her bedroom furniture from home. She "made" the silk scarf above her window. It was her idea to tack it up there. She made it in high school art class. She's actually a pretty good little artist herself. Most of her pictures on the wall are things she's painted.
There was no place to store her trash can. This was the best we could do. As long as she keeps it clean, it will be fine. There are plenty of cabinets in the kitchen---most of these are empty. She doesn't have a lot of stuff. In fact, her last roommate, took her pots and pans. She has a cookie sheet and a muffin tin---that's it. I'm pretty sure she'll be getting pots and pans for Christmas!
She didn't want to use the little plastic drawers, but she needed the space. We convinced her that it didn't look bad here.

It was a lot of work and took longer than I thought it would. Butch would say that's par for the course---I always underestimate how long things will take. I work pretty fast, so that's why I think things won't take so long. By the time we finished, we were exhausted. My legs and feet were worn out. We didn't get home until 8 p.m.---with drive time, that's 13 hours! Still, it's nice to know that she's settled and can now focus on her classes.

The next time we'll see Jordan is over Labor Day weekend. She's going to be home. We're having a family barbecue/pool party, so she'll be here. I can't wait to hear how she likes her "new" place!


  1. It's so interesting to see your efforts from start to finish. Most student rentals here have some furniture included. It's only the desk we have been moving backwards and forwards. Though TTO got his keys and couple of weeks ago and was perturbed to discover the whole place had been planted purple without his knowledge. Cue unhappy phone calls to the agent

  2. you transformed her place!!
    It looks so cozy and comfortable.

  3. It turned out lovely after all y'all's hard work!


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