Thursday, March 19, 2015

Where Does the Time Go?

Everybody keeps asking me if I'm getting bored. Frankly, I don't have the time to be bored. I thought I was going to relish all this free time---but I haven't really had any yet!! That's not exactly true. I do have a lot of free time, but I've been doing so much stuff that all of a sudden it's 2 p.m. and if feels like I still have so much I want to do. Time is running out. I need to calm down. I still have several weeks of recuperation---if I choose to recuperate. I think I'm going to allow myself more of this sitting around. I am still very busy even sitting around. It goes sort of like this:

First thing in the a.m.---clean up, get dressed, make tea, check emails, check blogs, check Facebook, turn on news, eat breakfast, read, pay bills/take care of business, write thank you notes, watch a taped show while stitching or crocheting, lunch, read, nap, listen to Ted Talks and read blogs from my reading list, catch up on phone games with family and friends (Dice with Buddies and Trivia Crack), take or make a phone call (one a day is about my limit), Luminosity brain training, go through the mail, news, dinner, tv while stitching or crocheting, write a blog entry, check emails one last time, read before bed.

And then I get to do this all over again the next day. Totally fun---not at all boring. In fact, now that I'm up and about, I'm feeling the need to do some household chores. That I could do without!! But there were a few things I was compelled to do---you know my OCD tendencies. Towels were out of order, spaghetti sauce had to be wiped off the candle and the dishwasher needed unloading. I'm limiting my chores to just the kitchen. I can't really be up for too long without my back hurting from the cast and my foot throbbing for having it down too long. For once in my life, I am listening to my body. It just makes me feel so lazy!

Thus is the life of a slacker. I'll take it. I haven't even had time for all the magazines I have piled up. I wonder if I would ever get bored?


  1. I'm glad to hear time isn't going slowly for you. Maybe that's partly to do with your knowing there is an end to it, even if it's going to take a while. It's not the same when there isn't an end.

  2. Good to hear your cheerfulness despite the enforced relaxation and rest, and hoping the healing is going well.

  3. I'm the same - I have so many things to read, I never could get bored!


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