Monday, March 9, 2015

Snow Days!!

I was a little bummed while we were in Costa Rica to be missing the little snow we hardly ever get. But, luckily for me, this past week we had a "big" one!! And for us that means 2.9"---our last snow was 5 inches in 2010. We've had plenty of cold, single digit temps too. Our low was 9 on the day we went for my surgery.

Still, I managed to get a couple of pictures. It's so pretty and peaceful.

Growing up in St. Louis, we had a lot of snow. It was always so exciting when we got a day off school. Even today, when I don't even have kids in school, I LOVE to watch the school closings. I'm not the only one who acts like a little kid when it comes to snow days. Mindy started calling two days before the predicted snow. "Do you think I'll be off work?" That's the adult version of "Do you think we'll get out of school?"

Well, she did have a "snow day" from work. It's like a little surprise to get a free day---no matter how old you are.

Butch and I just laugh at our news reporters. Besides the run on the grocery store that is so typical of people in the south at the mere mention of bad weather, the news pre-empts Good Morning America. They have nothing new to report---just the same things over and over.

Some of the things they do while reporting the snow are downright stupid. One reporter brushed away the snow to reveal a layer of ice beneath. To prove it was ice, she produced a hammer and pounded on it. Seriously---do all news reporters just happen to have a hammer in their pocket?

Another reporter laid down and made a snow angel. Unfortunately, when she raised her arms, her coat rode up and you could see the red string of her thong! A little later, she said she would probably never make another snow angel---without actually mentioning the incident.

But my favorite was the line one of the reporters used. "If you have to go out, you should not travel at a speed of more than 25 MPH. Don't let your "giddyup" get ahead of your "woah!

Only in "music city!"


  1. We get similar ridiculous reporters when it snows here...which I'm glad to report it is not!!

  2. LOL - we have those same news reporters here, so they must all have a hammer! We had 4 inches here & Robbie got to work from home. I don't dare venture out because not everyone keeps their "giddy up" in check!

  3. That giddyup and woah quote is going to stick with me, but I suspect you knew that. I plan to promptly forget the snow angel story! ;-)


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