Sunday, March 15, 2015

This Isn't So Bad After All!

I was prepared to be completely laid up for at least a month---maybe two. I had no idea that after just barely a week, I would be getting a cast and a shoe to put on it! When they traded the splint/cast for the full cast, a guy came to talk to us about the shoe.
He said we could pay $15.00 now or let them file with our insurance company---which he was sure they would not pay for this. If we went the "filing" route, it would cost us $30 in the long run. Of course, we went ahead and paid the $15.00. Can you believe it---$15.00??? Shoes are so darn expensive. Maybe the key is just buying one! Plus, it's a medical thing---always an exorbitant cost. It kind of looks like a ski boot. Anyway, this is to make me more mobile. I had no idea I'd be up and around so fast. Somewhere along the line, I got it that I would have to be completely off of it for 4 weeks. That's what I planned for. This was an unexpected surprise. This must be why they say you should always take someone to the doctor's with you. They say so much that you can't absorb it all.
It will probably be no surprise to you to find that I immediately overdid it!! Hey, I had things to do---like wipe the spaghetti sauce that "someone" got on the candle in the kitchen. Anyway, I guess I was up too much as my foot was throbbing with a few of my toes numb from the cast. I'll try to take it a little easier. Notice one of my projects?
Just a little something I'm working on for a graduation gift. It's a great thing to do while trying to stay off of my feet. At least I'll feel like I'm accomplishing something.

I really have no excuse NOT to take it easy. My friends have lined up meals for the next 5 weeks. They are calling it "meals on wheels"---you know like the old people's program. They are delivering on Sundays and Thursdays. With leftovers, this is plenty of food. I tried to cancel it yesterday since I'm not exactly bed-ridden and was feeling guilty. I've already made myself a grilled cheese and scrambled eggs. Plus, being the pre-planner that I am, I have a lot of food in the freezer (spaghetti sauce, chili, rotel chicken, meatloaf, bbq pork, vegetable soup and several casseroles from my freezer club). They refused! What's a girl to do? I'll just relax and enjoy their "donations!" I'm really the luckiest girl---so many fabulous people in my life! Thank you!

And that's why this isn't so bad after all!


  1. Great news! And all the sweeter as a surprise

  2. great news...and a great blanket x

  3. How lovely to have such good friends, you take it easy now!

  4. This is good news indeed, but so easy to overdo it! sit down, keep calm, be spoilt and crochet xx :)


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