Friday, March 6, 2015

Setting Up to be Laid Up

By the time you read this, most likely I will be in the middle of my foot surgery. I have bone spurs in both of my "papa" toes (when talking about all of this, I've found that most people refer to their "papa" toe as their "big" toe. I guess it's a regional thing). The calcium build up has made my toes immobile which is very painful. If I tiptoe up to reach something, the pain almost drops me to my knees (which are bothering me now too---due to how I'm walking). Anyway, the prednisone I've been on for years masked the pain. Finally, even with that, my feet are painful. Hence my "problem" in Costa Rica. Enough of all that.

I've been really nervous about how I'm going to get around---but mainly about how I'm going to get in the house. Butch doesn't seem to be concerned, so I'm trying really hard to take solace in that.

Once the surgery is done, I cannot put any weight on it for a month. In fact, for the first 7-11 days, I have to keep my "toes above my nose." I'm not good at just sitting around. Still, I have been planning and preparing for this for a while. I'm getting myself "set up to be laid up." I'm trying to think of everything I might need from upstairs. I'm going to be sleeping on the couch for a while as I have two steps to get up in to my bed. Until I'm used to negotiating the crutches, I'm going to try to stay put. I want to avoid asking Butch to "fetch me this or fetch me that."

I've moved a little table and the rug out of the powder room---that's going to be where I need to take care of personal hygiene. I'm planning on using the pool bath for showers as it has a place to sit but that will be Monday at least. I'll be doing sponge baths in the powder room until then.
My friend, Madelyn has loaned me a toilet seat that fits over the regular toilet but is higher so it will be easier to get up. I have all of my essentials and even a little make-up. I removed the rug and a little table that I had in there to give me more room.

I've set up my "office" on the coffee table. What I'm trying to prevent is to constantly be asking Butch to get me this or get me that. I am an independent kind of gal and would prefer to stay that way! I've been practicing with the crutches and the rollater (walker with seat that I plan to put my knee on). I'm not very good.
This will soon be my home. I've angled the table so I can get in and out. I have a basket with magazines, kleenex, lotion, blistex, bottled water with a few "drop ins", the remotes, Kindle with book light, a trash bag, tweezers, crocheting and needlepoint in the bag under the table and a trash bag. I left the candy jar that has York mints in case I want a little treat.

 I don't really like doing hair related things in the kitchen, but I'll be washing my hair there for awhile.
The kitchen desk has become my clothes closet. I figured out all of the clothes that will fit over the cast.
When I got home from scrapbooking with my sisters, I left everything in the dining room. I set it up so that when I can get around and not have to lie flat, I might be able to get a little scrapbooking done. At least that's my plan.
I moved things out of the pool bath as this is where I'll be showering since there's a place to sit. I've already practiced that and am not sure how it will work. There's nothing to grab on to in order to stand up. I might just be standing.
I've got plenty of prepared foods in the freezer. Some I've made, others---meals from my freezer club. I've made a list of the things Butch can make me for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was going to give it to him, but decided he might be insulted. I'll just make some suggestions now and then!

I've got all the laundry caught up. I've done the taxes---well, put all the information together for our tax man---a huge job. I've even written a few blog posts. I think it's going to be hard typing while lying down. The only things I didn't do that were on my list was to defrost the freezer (above) and finish cleaning out my closet. The work will be waiting for me when I'm better.

This is going to be interesting. I have a long list of all the things I can do to keep myself occupied while laid up. Realistically, I won't have the time to do everything anyway. Surely I won't get bored....


  1. My guess is that for the first few days while you are healing it'll just be sleep and television. But good luck! You are defintely well prepared.

  2. I'm wishing you all the very best with your op and recovery.

    You certainly are well prepared and I think that's going to help, even with your frame of mind. When I broke the bone in my foot last summer it was the shock of suddenly not being able to move about that took time to get used to. Then of course I got very used to people bringing me things!

    All the best!

  3. I am sending you Welsh cwtches (pronounced cootches) These are like hugs but better. They contain healing thoughts and gentle pain removing vibes and all with a welsh accent. Do you have Skype? I could talk to you on Skype and you could hear how the accent makes you feel better. Anything to do with your big toe is going to hurt because it has lots of nerve endings and no extra fat. I will be thinking of you and sending soothing healing thoughts

  4. you sure are organised so that will be a huge help. I'll be thinking of you. I know what it's like to sleep on the sofa and make do with the downstairs bathroom. Having a table set up next to me with everything i needed was the best thing. good luck I hope your op is a great success x x

  5. I'm saying a little prayer right now that the surgery was successful, and that your recovery is speedy and complete. You seem to have thought of everything - although I think you should think a little more about how good it would be for Butch to wait on you, hand and foot as they say!

  6. I'm praying that you'll have a lovely recovery! Seems like you're very prepared. I do think it's perfectly ok for Butch to "fetch" things & take care of you . . . that's what marriage is all about, partnership. Sometimes one partner has to take up a little slack. How can he enjoy the blessing of serving if you don't let him serve you on these "special" occasions. (OK, sermon over! LOL)


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