Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I just Might Be....

....a little obsessed. Proof:
 Oh no---who left these towels 4 inches away from the sink?
 There should be no space between the towels and the sink!
 Oh no, the rug is askew.
 Ahhhh, that's much better.
 Come on, how hard is it to fold the wash cloth neatly?
Not much work at all.
 Doors hanging open??? What the ...?
 Not in my house!
 To me, a crumpled towel means it's dirty and ready for the laundry.
 Not quite yet.
 Doesn't everyone have uniform hangers and keep their clothes color co-ordnated?
 This is actually an experiment.
 I bought this box full of white hangers (to match the plastic ones---of course). I'm changing out the hangers as I wear the pants. My plan is to just get rid of anything that's NOT on a white hanger in a year.

 I hate it when pillows slide on a chair.
 This looks much neater, but it will only last 5 minutes. The chair is too slick.
 When we moved in to the house---nearly 20 years ago, I bought all of these fancy fireplace keys. A couple of them are pretty heavy, so they tend to flop.
I'm constantly adjusting them.

So now you know what I do with all of my free time!! It's a curse I tell you!!


  1. You might be a touch more OCD than me... but only a touch.

  2. this did make me smile, I am a little like you!

  3. Of course I have uniform hangers and a color coded closet. A woman after my own heart!

  4. Um..
    ..what can I say? except..it does look very fresh and welcoming round at yours

  5. Well I am laughing out loud at this! OCD without a doubt but I'm with you on the clothes hanging, all my clothes are on identical hangers and hung in colours and I have just discovered that since my boy has left home his wardrobe is the same... A lovely post to make me cheerful all day. Thanks

  6. I understand and empathise - although I've learned to accept I'm the only one in the house that notices...

  7. LOL - I'm not quite that bad . . . but close. And, of course, a crumpled towel means it's ready for the laundry!


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