Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Finally Happened

Nashville has hit the big time. They say that happened when we got a pro football team, but I disagree. I've always loved the small town feel of Nashville. You can be downtown in 20 minutes, yet live out in the country. Sure, downtown is full of tourists---so glad to have them----so good for our city. But locals don't go downtown. Wait, I need to re-phrase that: "OLD" locals don't go downtown (well except for the theater). It's a happenin' place for the young. In fact, Mindy lives down there and loves it. She's looking to buy a bigger place right in her same building! She can walk (or run) everywhere.

I digress. I'm not at all happy about it. I wanted us to stay that small, home towny feelin' place. But, it's finally happened. We now have to dial the area code when we make phone calls---adding 3 extra digits to the dialing process. Considering I'm not a huge phone person anyway, this just about puts me over the edge. Add to that the recording I keep getting to add those digits makes the re-dialing that much more arduous. The funny part is that we don't even have more than one area code, so what's the point? I guess that's the next thing that's coming---we'll be assigned some new numbers. Sheesh! Just more to remember. I don't need it!

What? Does Nashville think it's St. Louis or something?


  1. I've had to dial the area code for years and I live in the middle of nowhere!

  2. oh dear. We had to start using our area code this year too - I never remember to put add it when i make a call. Ours is 5 numbers!!

  3. I get where you are coming from! When my Mum's number got longer and it wasn't exactly the one I had grown up with I was pretty traumatised! It took a lot of getting used to

  4. Barbara - I owe you an apology! I never clicked your name until this week and saw that you blog and what a wonderful blog this is!! You've been such a faithful commenter on my blog, I apologize that I was so clueless about yours! I've added you to my Bloglovin blog roll. I absolutely love everything I've read so far, including this post. I've been annoyed all week having to dial that area code! :)

  5. If you fully embrace the 21st-century and ditch your landline, all you have to "dial" is a name. Easy enough to remember!

    1. Does that mean that I don't have to go in to my contacts on my phone and add the area code?

  6. We were just there for 2 days, and managed a quick trip downtown. There are high-rise apartments/condos everywhere. I think you've definitely captured the big city feel with all the construction going on at every turn. We have just added another area code here as well, and I still have to go into my contacts on both the home phone and the cell phone and add the area code. The trouble is figuring out how to do with without accidentally calling the number at the same time! Good luck to you.


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