Monday, March 23, 2015

Overdoing It

The thing about overdoing it is that you don't know you've overdone it until you do!

There were a couple days this week that I definitely overdid it. The funny thing is that I didn't do that much at all---certainly not enough to make me think I had. It's not until later that it hits you---throbbing and swelling. Nothing a little ibuprofen can't handle. At least I'm able to stay off of the hard drugs.

The biggest problem, is that I can't sleep very well. I just can't seem to get comfortable with this heavy cast. When you get something in your head, it's hard to ignore. I felt like the cast was rubbing my ankle annoyingly. That's all I could think of. I twisted and turned to no avail. Plus, this cast is killing my knees.

I've been watching a series called Reign on Netflix. I had never heard of it before---just came across it as Netflix offered suggestions based on the type of things I like. It's about Mary Queen of Scots. I'm loving it. It gets me through the sleepless nights.

I had Nancy and Susan over to scrapbook yesterday. That was my first try at doing something other than hanging in the family room. It was fun. I had my leg up on a chair. It was fine for awhile until my back started hurting. I suffered a little pain and swelling later, but it was totally worth it. I miss hanging with my friends!

I'm supposed to get the cast off in just another 4 days. This 3 weeks has gone by fast. Originally I was supposed to have the cast for 4 weeks then a boot for 4 weeks and a loose shoe for 4 weeks. Everything seems to be moving pretty quickly, so I hope that means that I'm ahead of schedule and won't be laid up as long as I first was told.  I'll be really upset if I have to keep the cast for another week.

I'm planning on hobbling to book club tonight.

Not bored yet.


  1. will be checking out Reign on netflix, I hope the cast stays off!

  2. Oh I do know that about over doing, I've been using a sling again to stop me doing it. Glad you aren't bored!


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