Sunday, March 8, 2015

Surprise Visit to Charlotte

This goes back to a week ago. We got home from Costa Rica on Wednesday and left for Charlotte to visit Sandy and family on Friday. Specifically, we went to buy Mitchell a car. He's been having a tough time lately---over-stressed by school and the college application process. On top of that, his car had become completely unreliable. He had to jumpstart EVERY time he turned it off. The mechanics could never figure out what was wrong with it. He had 3 new batteries in a year.

Anyway, we sure did surprise him!! Turns out that when we got to town, he was already home. He was napping on the couch. I said, "We heard you needed a lift, so we decided to surprise you!" He sleepily responded, "Oh, great." Butch then said, "Come on, I need you to run a little errand with me."

When they got back, Mitchell said he was so surprised when they turned in to an auto dealership. They had it narrowed down to 2. With the convenience of email, Butch had told both that he was buying a car on Saturday, so whoever gave him the best deal would get the sale. As it turns out, the dealership with his favorite car made him an offer he couldn't believe---much lower than he thought he'd get it for.

Mitchell is over the moon!!

 Mitchell is not allowing any drinks in his car. He's been vying for the spot in the garage---using the tactic that he's the last to leave in the morning. Sandy isn't buying it!! We were just happy that we could do this for him. Things are definitely starting to look up for him!!
We also got to see one of his basketball games. That was fun. I hadn't seen him play since they lived in Kalamazoo---probably 4 or 5 years ago.
The Father/Daughter dance was also that weekend. We girls went for pedicures earlier in the day.

I was really happy to see them since it had been since Christmas. The next time we are scheduled to see them is when we go back for graduations in May. That would have been way to long for me. I just love them.

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