Monday, March 9, 2015

The Things I Learned After Surgery

Basically, I am a healthy person. Aside from wisdom teeth removal, I've only had surgery 3 times---C-sections with my girls. The last one was over 30 years ago.

I'm a good patient. I follow the rules to the letter. But still, there are things you just have to discover on your own. Here's my list.

Things I learned after surgery:

1. No matter how well I planned, some things just don’t work the way they should. Within 4 hours of being home, Butch already started to get a little “testy”! Well, he shouldn’t have left the remote where I can’t reach it!! I had a little spot on my “command center” for it---where it now resides.

2. Somehow, when it is a major hassle to go to the bathroom, I have to go MORE!!

3. Folding the hand towel in the bathroom isn’t so important after all.

4. Making our LEATHER couch my bed wasn’t such a good idea after all. The sheets slid off right away as did the pillows. The pillows for my foot had to keep being adjusted all the time---one more thing for Butch to do.

5. My hair looks like crap and there ain’t nothin’ I can do about it.

6. Oxycodone is a heavy duty narcotic that has a side effect of making you sleep.
Nuh uh! It totally hyped me up. I know that people become addicted to it. I must not be taking enough because I am neither high nor experiencing extreme happiness. I’m not floating either. I’m just the energizer bunny that can’t get off the couch!

7. I should have planned a few more snacks for my “command center.”

8. Whenever I move, I let out a little “poot.” I have no control over it. What I hate the most about that is it seems like such and old person thing to do!

9. Just about the time I don’t think I need anything else, I have to ask Butch for just one more thing.

10. When the doctor said “take the pain medicine and stay ahead of the pain,” I should have set an alarm from the start. Instead, I got behind and had to “chase the pain.” Definitely not a place to be.


  1. My Mum has been wheelchair bound for over twenty years, so we know a thing or two about command centres (and commands!) here...this gave me a smile! I'm glad you still have a sense of humour. But joking aside, I know it's not much fun..keep taking the tablets!

  2. Oh! Barbara, hoping you get to feel better soon. I am a terrible patient as I can't bear to ask for help!!! I do know about staying ahead of the pain though, hope you have caught up. xx

  3. I'm not a good patient but have great sympathy and empathy for your situation. Hope you and Butch feel better soon.

  4. That's quite a few lessons! I've never had surgery (unless I count Lasik, which lasted less than two minutes & required one day of "recovery"), but I've been the care giver more times that I can count! LOL

  5. Don't you hate that struggles can be such an education! I hope your recovery speeds up and that you slow down long enough to let it.


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