Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Re-Cap Part 2

After our Thanksgiving dinner, we girls relaxed in the dining room with extra glasses of wine---even before clean-up!! Slowly, the guys drifted back in. We discussed our summer vacation plans. about 3:30, it was time to clear the table to begin our family Christmas craft. Each one turned out so darned cute! It sure took a lot of glue dots---$25.00 worth to be exact!! I think I have a few left. All these buttons---and it didn't even put a dent in my "collection" "obsession."

Morgan was the first one done. She took me at my word---just glue and go. Everyone else laid theirs out before attaching. Everyone did their own color scheme.
Mindy went for all red.
Elizabeth made hers all colorful.
Sandy did green and red.
Victoria used bright colors.
Nicky stuck around and poured the wine.
Jordan used all pastels. She had that one really big button that---at first, I thought looked a little off. But when she finished, it was just right!
Stephanie used red and lime green.
Morgan's tree is the one above---for a close-up.
Butch even stayed to critique. Mitchell watched football and had a little snooze.
The Lapps family---Greg was not with us this year. He had to travel internationally. This picture was supposed to go in yesterday's post. I like to keep things chronological on my blog. But the photo was too cute not to post!

On Friday night, we played family games. Sandy made the remark that there was no physical damage to the house this year. There's always something broken, toilet stopped up or many spills. With this many people around, it's inevitable. Little did I know that the damage would occur on their way out the door to head home!!!

Mitchell was helping load their car. We have lived in this house for almost 19 years now and no one has ever done this. He HIT HIS HEAD on the ceiling coming up the garage steps.
He actually put a dent in the steel---maybe it's not steel---but it's some sort of metal. AND he knocked off all the plaster. He said it hurt, but not that bad. OMGosh!!! This has never happened. We've had plenty of tall people come up the stairs. He did admit that he was "bounding" up the stairs. I guess that's just what teen boys do! How would I know, he's our first!


  1. What a cute Christmas craft! I'm sure I have more than enough buttons to do a few of those myself! Lucky the boy didn't crack his skull open - ouch!

  2. oh my....what a lovely thing to all do together...and it's made some room for you to buy some more lovely buttons too :) x

  3. I LOVE the family craft session! I'm going to show TSO because she thinks we are the only ones who actually enjoy getting together and making things! We're doing some little people to put on the tree when she has a day off on Monday. The trees are fabulous..all those proud smiles :)

  4. Looks like y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving . . . well, except for that head butt above the stairs, of course!

  5. Impressive head damage - glad the door came off worse. Those trees are cute - and it was well worth the $25 of gluedots


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