Sunday, December 1, 2013

Storytelling Sunday

This is the last storytelling Sunday of the year. Head over to Sian's to read more great stories.

Since I cleaned my Waterford chandelier a couple weeks ago, it reminded me of the story behind it. Even though it' would be too hard to grab in the case of a fire, it's still precious to me.

Back in 1985, we had moved to Nashville. Butch was promoted to Senior Vice-President of Central Parking System and we were doing quite well. I wanted to buy a Waterford chandelier for our dining room. Butch wasn't crazy about the idea due to the expense.

Fast forward a year or two. We tried our hand at dabbling in the stock market. And when I say we, I mean Butch! We lost quite a bit. I complained that "I could have had my Waterford chandelier." I guess he felt bad because he said, "go ahead and get it." Well, you don't have to tell me twice. I ordered directly from Cash's of Ireland. Actually, I think they have a branch right here in the U.S. I'm pretty sure it was made in Ireland. (Side note---I don't think Waterford is made there any more). Each piece down to the individual prisms are marked "Waterford."

I've treasured it ever since. When we moved to this house, it was much too small for our dining room. I found the perfect spot---the powder room. I had to have a hole cut in the ceiling to have it installed. I was gone that day. When I got home, I realized that the "man" had cut the hole in the center of the ceiling. The room is small. That meant, when the chandelier was assembled you would hit it with the door.. What? Are you kidding me? So the man had to come back and cut another hole right over near the mirror where I assumed he would put it to begin with. Then the ceiling had to be repaired!
Anyway, this chandelier and I---we've been through a lot together. Maybe I need an escape plan for it in case of an emergency!


  1. It's certainly a beautiful piece and I think you're right in saying it isn't made in Waterford any more: it's probably worth a fortune now! A luxurious, sparkling finish to the year. I'm trying to think back..did we first meet when you joined in Storytelling Sunday, way back near the beginning? It's been a real pleasure to get to know you at any rate and a big thank you for adding your stories to the collection x

    I think I've fixed your link now

  2. How beautiful. Just the right precious for the season. My story has it's beginning in 1985 too! I'm so looking forward to adding the lovely decorations you sent me to our tree, when it goes up in a couple of weeks.

  3. oh stunning. I always wanted a room big enough to hand a chandelier just like yours x

  4. It is so beautiful - thanks for sharing the story. How funny that he put it in the wrong place to begin with - surely he could see that the door would hit it!

  5. Barbara, it is worthy of an escape plan!

  6. What a fun story - I thought you were going to say you made some cash in the stock market so you got to spend some of it on the crystal - not the polar opposite! Sometimes it is good for men to feel guilty!

  7. It is really beautiful and such a funny story to go with it, thank you for sharing x

  8. I have a love of Chandeliers these days and a waterford crystal one would definitely have an escape plan attached to it if I owned one...Such a lovely story.


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