Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Re-Cap---Part 1

Warning: this post is going to be photo heavy!

Due to bad weather---the Lapps family came a day early---and we're so glad they did. Any extra time is a bonus.
 Eli and Jordan at happy hour.
 I had to wash this afghan after they left.
 Butch, Victoria, Sandy and Elizabeth.

 I felt so disrespected!!! The table cloth I so painstakingly ironed for Thanksgiving, just thrown on the floor so we could have Chinese food and play family games! It was a little wrinkled when I used it on Thursday, but not too bad.
 Butch decided to host "bingo." When asked what made him think of it, he said he was cleaning out the game closet and saw it. I was so impressed because I've never known him to clean out a closet all on his own. When questioned further, he admitted he didn't really clean out the closet. He was just trying to put some other crap in it.

Victoria and Elizabeth made these for me. They are so cute!

Tomorrow part 2.


  1. It looks like such a lovely family gathering. Love Butch's closet admission!!
    Your comment on my post yesterday inspired my today's post!!

  2. Get togethers are the best...looks like you had fun x


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