Monday, August 19, 2013


It appears as if blogging has had to take a back seat to our busy life this week. I'm in St. Louis this week on my way to another of our annual scrapbook retreats at the Wildwood resort in Steeleville, Missouri. I won't be leaving for there until Thursday, but decided to spend the week leading up to it with family.

Butch left last Wednesday for a fishing trip with his brother. They went on a float trip one day. He said, they flipped over the canoe within 15 seconds of launching! I would have loved to see that. Turns out, it wasn't the only spill. The fishing was good, so that made up for it.

I arrived on Friday afternoon. I left Nashville around 7:30 and took my time. I stopped at the only scrapbook store left on the way. There didn't seem to be anything new. I did manage to find a roll of "blackboard" washi tape. I just hope that lack of new stuff doesn't mean that they will soon be going out-of-business. It's just too sad. All of our stores are closing.

I got to Walt and Chris' about 4 p.m. We visited for a bit then went to dinner at Table 3. It was a gorgeous night, so we were able to sit outside. Once we were back home, we had home made coconut cream pie. It was so delicious. She made it just for me---she doesn't even like coconut. Imagine that!

On Saturday, Chris and I had a  movie marathon while the guys when geo-caching. We stitched while we watched: "Boys Town, Girl Crazy," and I already can't remember the third one.

We moved over to Jeanne's that evening. I stopped on the way to pick up 6 Imo's pizzas for Butch to take home. We've already set the date with the "kids" for our pizza party. There's nothing like St. Louis pizza!

Ronnie, Janet, Jackie and Greg came over too. We played poker until about 11:30 and I won $10.00---$9.70 to be exact! I'm on a roll!!

On Sunday, we went to a huge craft fair in St. Charles. For whatever reason, my photos are not appearing on my computer. I'll have to share those later. We found some really awesome things. There were mostly jewelry and yard art booths. Lots of food too.

Jeanne's family were here for dinner to celebrate Johnny's 27th birthday. Aunt Marie and Uncle Tony came too. Kind of a laid back evening.

I spent most of today with Aunt Marie. She's having a few health issues, so we stayed home and waited for doctor calls. Tonight, I'm having dinner with cousins, Judy and Chrissy. That will be a lot of fun. We always have a good time.



  1. That sounds busy! But what a treat that someone made you something you enjoyed even if they didn't- you are clearly loved!

  2. Sounds like you are really busy!! In answer to your question...we are off on a European cruise....and I think you call courgettes 'zucchini'.

  3. Courgettes are indeed zucchini - convinced Wookie for years he liked zucchini even tho' he didn't like courgettes ;)

    I don't like coconut either but am delighted you had one made for you. Hope the health issues aren't serious and that you have a wonderful visit with friends. That pizza sounds good too!

  4. Whenever I hear "zucchini" I always think of an episode of that old comedy with the alien "ALF"..remember that? I think he tried to grow some

    You sound very happily busy :)

  5. The float trip sounds funny. What a busy time you have all been having!

  6. Sounds like you have been very busy!


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